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How does one go about finding the BEST baby photographer? That’s a question that many a pregnant momma has asked herself and the answer isn’t quite as easy as you’d think, due to the plethora of baby photographers in the DMV area. There are a lot of things to consider but here are some things […]

How To Find the Best Baby Photographer (For You)

May 10, 2022


laughing baby, best baby photographer

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I love shooting in home newborn photos. I have traveled as far north as Harford County, MD, as far south as Loudoun County, VA, and as far east as Wicomico County, MD. (Disclaimer: I far prefer to stay within about 25 miles of Burtonsville, MD – these far-flung destinations aren’t my norm). I’ve been in […]

DC In Home Newborn Photos

May 6, 2022


in home newborn photos, crib shot

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Today I wanted to talk about my favorite printed products. Over the winter, Liz Viernes Photography got a bit of a reboot. Pricing and offering changed pretty significantly. I worked on my numbers, really dug deep and considered my costs of doing business. In doing this, I made the hard but overwhelmingly necessary decision to […]

My Favorite Printed Products | Baltimore Newborn Photographer

April 19, 2022


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Searching for a newborn photographer is not a task that most people do every day. Honestly, it’s probably not something that many people have ever thought about and only a select few have done or will do it. Searching for a newborn photographer is typically done by expectant parents (mostly mothers but I’ve had dads […]

Searching for a Newborn Photographer | 4 Things To Consider

April 12, 2022


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Pretty sure I’ve just shot my last greenhouse maternity photos at Rawlings Conservatory for the winter and it had its hiccups, FOR SURE. I met Kayla and Andrew outside. Kayla looked totally beautiful in her Lydia dress from Baltic Born and Andrew was casually handsome in his white shirt and sneakers. I think we were […]

Gorgeous Greenhouse Maternity Photos

April 5, 2022


greenhouse maternity photos

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This has been a funny season for winter maternity photos. After two frigid, bitterly cold February maternity sessions *outside* last year, I vowed that I would not do any more outdoor winter photo sessions. My outdoor season now ends in late November and starts back up in April –> Weeny Status Over Here. But, because […]

Winter Maternity Photos | Rawlings Conservatory

March 29, 2022


husband kisses pregnant wife's hand at Rawlings greenhouse

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Welcome to the Annapolis Studio! I had the pleasure of shooting here – after having it on my bucket list for a looong time – and it was everything I hoped it would be (maybe aside from the music…heehee, see below for why). Overall, it was an amazing place to shoot when winter is raging […]

The Annapolis Studio Maternity Photos

March 22, 2022


The Annapolis Studio - different views

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Hiring a photographer is a very personal decision and, if you’re going to feel comfortable allowing me into your life/home/memories, you should know a little about me! I’m honestly an open book – there’s not much that I won’t share (is there *anything* I won’t share? I’d have to think about that…I don’t have many […]

5 Things To Know About Me

March 15, 2022

Cake Smash

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Well this one’s a little awkward…today I want to talk to you about giving credit to your photographer. Why is it important to credit your photographer? Well, I’m just going to say it straight out. When you give credit to me on your photo, I potentially gain new clients. Want to see how that works? […]

Give Credit To Your Photographer

March 8, 2022


credit to your photographer - maternity photos in home

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I’ll be the first to admit –> I’m my own worst client. I’m here to talk to you today about why you should print your images…and I’m biting my lip and having trouble making eye-contact. Why? Because my phone is slow from having 4,836,754,653 photos and videos bogging it down. I never make photo books, […]

100% Print Your Images

March 1, 2022


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