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Beautiful baby photography is utterly timeless, an art form that captures the hearts of parents and photographers alike, and is appreciated for a lifetime. From the gentle curve of a baby’s cheek to the sparkle in their eyes, those precious features that belong to your little one are treasures waiting to be preserved. In this […]

Beautiful Baby Photography | Maryland Baby Photographer

September 24, 2023


A dainty baby girl in pink dress, knee socks, and brown leather shoes sits on a white wooden bed prop in front of a window with sheer white curtains.

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In the world of photography, there’s something truly magical about capturing the essence of childhood innocence and the pure, untarnished joy that comes with it. Recently, I had the immense pleasure of hosting this joyful baby photo session, featuring the gorgeous Luna, that left my heart brimming with happiness. Join me on this heartwarming journey […]

Capturing Innocence: A Joyful Baby Photo Session

September 17, 2023


This joyful baby photo session featured 6 month old baby Luna, who was the sweetest, most smiley girl.

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Cake smash photoshoots have become a popular way to celebrate a baby’s first birthday. Parents envision their little one joyfully diving into a cake, getting covered in frosting, and creating adorable memories captured by a professional photographer. But what happens when your baby isn’t thrilled about the idea? In this blog, we’ll explore the story […]

Cake Smash Expectations: When the Cake Smash Photoshoot Doesn’t Go as Planned

September 10, 2023

Cake Smash

One year old boy in vintage blue outfit smiles during his photo sessions, giving off great cake smash expectations

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The bond between a mother and child is so special and unique. It begins during pregnancy and continues to grow throughout the child’s life. This bond is formed through a combination of biological, emotional, and social factors. Dads may feel like they’re being left out of some pretty important stuff because they don’t get to […]

Bond Between A Mother and Child | Captured In Photographs

August 25, 2023

Mommy and Me

baby walks toward mom, showing the bond between a mother and child

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Several months back, one of my past clients sent me a direct message on instagram about Heirloom portraits. Random: Is this a portrait style you offer? Under the message, she linked a website that had the most darling images of a little one and an idea was born. This client went on to write: I’m […]

Heirloom Portraits | DMV

July 6, 2023


Heirloom Portraits - set of three siblings

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Welcoming a new baby into the world is an extraordinary experience filled with boundless joy, tender moments, and fleeting memories. As parents, we wish to hold onto every precious detail, every new expression, and every milestone. Luckily, photography allows us to freeze those beautiful moments of baby’s first year in time, creating lasting memories that […]

Baby’s First Year, Captured

June 22, 2023


Baby's First Year Photos - Cake Smash

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Newborn photography is a special art form that requires a skilled and experienced photographer to capture the beauty, innocence, and emotion of a newborn baby. Whether it’s a sweetly sleeping newborn or a wide-eyed, curious infant, capturing the emotion of a newborn is a challenging yet rewarding task for any photographer. Here are some tips […]

7 Tips For Capturing Emotion in Newborn Photography

June 9, 2023


spring newborn session and tulips

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Photographing maternity sessions is one of my very favorite things to do. There’s just something about burgeoning life that is so beautiful and poignant to me. There is no limit to the options available for a maternity session and there’s a lot to be seen on my Instagram and website in case you need some […]

7 Tips for Capturing Stunning Maternity Photos

June 2, 2023


breeze blows sheer curtains over posed pregnant couple

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Hi Friends, it’s me. Just checking in. It’s been a while since I’ve posted a blog (I guess a while is subjective – it hasn’t been a year but it’s been longer than the weekly blog that I’ve been attempting) but, as I’ve just written the end of this blog (I do things backwards sometimes), […]

Body Love Photography | Savage, MD

May 4, 2023

Body Love Photography

Body Love Photography - smiling woman lays on her back on the bed

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Creating connection with a baby client is essential for capturing beautiful, unforgettable photographs and that is my goal Every Time I photograph a baby. Some ages are easier than others to work with (*cough* 6-8 month sitters *cough*) but it’s definitely not impossible to make a connection with any little that comes for a photo […]

Creating Connection in Baby Photography

March 28, 2023


Creating connection in baby photography