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February 24, 2024

the power of storytelling - big sister loving on newborn sister

One of my photography super powers is the power of storytelling. Newborn photography has the unique ability to capture the pure innocence and beauty of a baby in her first few weeks of life. It is a special time for both the baby and her family, as they adjust to their new roles and the love that comes with those new roles. It is the easiest thing to tell a family’s story using simple photographs: you can capture everything in a gaze, or the intermingling of fingers, or the comparison of a parent’s large(r) hands against the baby’s small(er) back.

the power of storytelling is in the perspective and angles used in newborn photography

The power of storytelling can bring parents to tears with its simplicity and magnitude. Beyond just taking pretty pictures, these photos have the ability to capture the emotions, love, and joy of this special time, and to preserve those memories for a lifetime.

big sister holds newborn baby sister in her lap during newborn photos

One way to incorporate the power of storytelling into newborn photography is to focus on capturing candid, natural moments. These types of images allow the personality and character of the baby and her family to shine through. They also have the ability to capture the love and connection between the family members, which is such a special and unique part of the newborn phase. It’s nearly impossible to take a bad photo when your subjects are parents who are madly in love with their new baby. Any awkwardness or discomfort melts away when dad cradles his tiny daughter protectively in his arms or when mom’s natural instincts to soothe kick in.

sweet moments between sisters - the power of storytellling

Another way to incorporate storytelling into newborn photography is to focus on creating a theme or concept for the shoot. This can be as simple as using a particular color palette or as elaborate as creating a specific scene or setting. For example, a photographer could create a beautiful, dreamy outdoor setting complete with soft lighting and flowing fabrics to capture the peaceful and magical feeling of a newborn’s first few weeks. For me, I love to use elements in the home as foreground, such as a bouquet of fresh flowers or the beautiful sheer white curtains hanging in the master bedroom.

a DC family gathers in baby's nursery for newborn photos

In addition to the setting and theme, props can also be used to add depth and meaning to the photos. Simple props like blankets, baskets, and toys can be used to create a sense of whimsy and playfulness, while more sentimental props like heirlooms or handmade items can add a personal touch and capture the family’s unique story. I also love to use patterned backdrops and different textures in a setup to create visual interest. The power of storytelling is infinite because there is no limit to the imagination.

tiny moments tell such a story

It’s important to remember that every newborn and family is different, and their photos should reflect that. By working with the family to understand their specific needs and desires, I can create a set of images that truly captures their unique story and preserves it for a lifetime. One family I worked with wanted to include her wedding bouquet that was made out of her grandmother’s brooches (it was STUNNING). Many families want their pets included (and one family rescheduled their session so that their post-operative dog would be further along in his recovery so he could climb the stairs to the bedroom). The power of storytelling is flexible and changeable depending on the needs of the family.

big sister is so proud of her new baby

Overall, newborn photography has the power to do more than just capture a moment in time. It has the ability to tell a story and preserve the emotions, love, and joy of this special time for years to come. By focusing on candid, natural moments, creating a theme or concept, and incorporating meaningful props, photographers can create stunning and meaningful newborn photos that will be treasured for a lifetime.

big sister reads a book to newborn sister in her crib - power of storytelling

The power of storytelling in newborn photography is priceless.

moments with daddy and daughters

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