quick facts about me

I don't say that to make you nervous! Be reassured that I will conduct your portrait session with complete professionalism - and maybe a dash of goofy - and leave you with beautiful images that you'll treasure. But I will totally spend a portion of the drive to you in prayer, asking God to steady my hands and open my eyes to the tiny moments that will make up your memories.

Want to know a secret? I still get nervous before every portrait session. Isn't that crazy? The nerves remind me that what I'm about to do is important. 


+ I adore the beach but I hate sand. My favorite is showering all the sunblock and sweat off and going out in the evening all fresh and clean.

+ I'm mostly into country music these days but I love anything Ed Sheeran and Pink put out. If they come to the DC area in concert, I'm there. 

+ I'm a junk food junkie but I'm all about a good salad bar. I'd eat salad breakfast, lunch and dinner and am constantly trying to convince my husband that we need to set up a salad bar in our kitchen (and hire someone to stock it!!).

+ One of my favorite summertime memories is watching my children chase fireflies in the trees at dusk.

+ I love puppy breath - even though I know what the smell really is...

+ A clean set of sheets freshly off the clothesline? Heaven to climb into.

quick facts about me

I have to be honest. I shop at Target. Maybe Bass Pro Shops if I'm feeling a little spendy. I'm not the trendiest person you'll ever meet, but I know what I like when I see it. If I had my way and unlimited cash flow, I'd ask Joanna Gaines to find me a home with tons of windows and style it with all the whites and creamy neutrals she can find. And give me lots of plants. And someone to water them. Oh, and there should be dogs there. And music. And brownie sundaes...with french fries.

and my favorites

my style

Before committing to a lifestyle newborn session, I carefully question my clients about the colors and decor of their homes. My style is best represented in a space that has LOTS of natural light (big windows in every room) and light neutral colors on the walls and in the decor. Nurseries with white cribs, master bedrooms with white or cream linens, simple tasteful decorating - all of these elements come together to make a beautiful, simple backdrop for your memories.

fresh and bright

my ideal client home

I'm a napper - it has to be said. If I could have my way, there would be a 4pm snooze penciled in to my schedule on the regular. And if it's a rainy day? You'll find me on the couch in my comfiest pair of jammy pants with my ipad opened to the Nook app and a blanket keeping me warm.There's something about a rainy day that just invites slothfulness and the pressure is off to be productive.

rainy day activity

my go to

 Photography has been an interest of mine for as long as I can remember. When we started our family, I found that I had a willing audience that couldn't go anywhere so PLENTY of practice happened in those early years. Then they started to crawl and walk (and run away) - and I had to find other subjects. Thankfully, as my friends and family started seeing my work on Facebook, more willing subjects came out of the shadows and my business was born!


why i became a

Oh goodness - what is it about summer?? The long days, the warm nights, the cookouts and fireflies and unscheduled freedom?? Camping and ice cream cones and trips to the beach. Walking barefoot and going to the pool and drip drying the swimsuits on the clothesline. My birthday (June 30th) and my husband, Brandon's, (July 5th) and the annual 5-day stretch of jokes about me being the older woman. Baseball! Fall is a close second but nothing beats summer in my book.

is summer

my favorite season

I love, love, LOVE maternity sessions. And newborns, both posed and lifestyle, are my JAM. But perhaps my favorite ages to photograph are babies aged 6 months to one year. Babies, like newborns, are so fundamentally simple. They require certain basic things - food, naps, diaper changes, snuggles - to be happy and they don't yet have stranger danger. A random lady singing their favorite songs and dancing with abandon?? Bring it on!

age to photograph

my favorite

I'm married to my high school sweetheart, Brandon, and am mother to our three spunky, amazing, goofy, awesome children. I left my nursing job to become a full time photographer and I get to combine my past clinical nurse experience with my photography knowledge to give my clients a well-rounded experience! Our family homeschools and my biggest dream is to bring my husband home from his job to work with me in my business!

I call myself an extroverted introvert. In the right setting, I can be extremely outgoing and animated. But I also totally love to curl up with a book and be by myself for hours...preferably with a bowl of ice cream by my side.

I'm an open book!

stay awhile, let's get to know each other a little

you'll hear from me shortly.

thank you!