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February 10, 2024

Becoming a parent is a whirlwind of emotions, late-night feedings, and adorable baby giggles. Amidst the chaos, it’s easy to forget just how quickly these tiny humans grow and change. That’s where baby milestone photos come to the rescue, freezing those precious moments in time. Let’s dive into the enchanting world of capturing the milestones – from the sweet newborn phase to the adorable sitter stage and the big one-year bash!

Baby milestone photos are some of my favorite sessions to work on. It’s never boring photographing a baby as they each come with their own personality and the session is never scripted because babies don’t need to be posed – they just do their own thing!

The Newborn Phase: Tiny Toes and Sleepy Naps

Ah, the newborn phase – a time when your little bundle is so small, they fit perfectly in your arms. Those tiny toes, delicate fingers, and the sweetest yawns deserve to be immortalized. I recommend doing the first set of baby milestone photos – the newborn session – within the first two weeks of your baby’s birth when he’s still sleepy and can be easily posed.

I offer posed newborn photos in my studio or we can do lifestyle newborn photos in your home. The two styles are incredibly different so do some reading and decide which you prefer!

The Sitter Stage: Sitting Pretty and Expressive Grins

Fast forward a few months, and your little one is now sitting up on her own. The sitter stage is a golden opportunity to capture those expressive grins, curious glances, and the joy of newfound mobility. Choose a setting that reflects your baby’s personality – whether it’s a cozy indoor space or the beauty of the outdoors. Don’t forget to bring along favorite toys or sentimental items to add a personal touch to the photos.

the sitter session includes baby milestone photos of the sitting baby by herself

The One Year Birthday: Smash Cakes and Celebrations

Time flies, doesn’t it? Before you know it, your baby is turning one! Cue the confetti, balloons, and a cute little smash cake. The first birthday is a major milestone, and a photoshoot to commemorate the occasion is a must. Capture the anticipation as your little one eyes the cake, the messy delight of the smash, and the sheer joy that radiates from his face. These photos will be treasured memories of a celebration filled with love and laughter.

cake smash baby milestone photos

Tips for a Successful Baby Milestone Photoshoot

  1. Timing is Key: We’ll plan the photoshoots during your baby’s happiest and most alert times.
  2. Location, location, location: We can meet in my studio at any time of day or we can plan to be outdoors either early morning or later afternoon/evening (for the best lighting).
  3. Outfits: Bring a handful of options for the different phases of the session and go with light, neutral, solid colors as much as possible. We’ll talk about all of this in our consult call.

Remember, these baby milestone photos are not just for you but also for your little one to look back on as they grow older. Let Liz Viernes Photography help you celebrate the journey of parenthood and the incredible moments that make it all worthwhile.

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