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Cake smash photography has become a super fun trend in recent years, celebrating the messiest yet most adorable moments surrounding a baby’s first birthday. This genre of photography beautifully captures the innocence, curiosity, and sheer joy of a baby’s first encounter with a birthday cake. In this blog, we’ll dive into the world of cake […]

Sweet Chaos | Cake Smash Photography

October 15, 2023

Cake Smash

Beautiful half Chinese baby dressed in red sitting on a white bed during her cake smash photography photo session.

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It is an honor and a pleasure when a family chooses me to be the holder of their memories…it is even more so a gift when I am invited back time and time again. Such was my experience with the Szewczak family, who hired me to photograph Kayla and Andrew’s maternity session as well as […]

Baby’s First Year: The Journey

October 1, 2023


A collage of husband and wife maternity photos at Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore starts a year of baby's first year photo sessions

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Cake smash photoshoots have become a popular way to celebrate a baby’s first birthday. Parents envision their little one joyfully diving into a cake, getting covered in frosting, and creating adorable memories captured by a professional photographer. But what happens when your baby isn’t thrilled about the idea? In this blog, we’ll explore the story […]

Cake Smash Expectations: When the Cake Smash Photoshoot Doesn’t Go as Planned

September 10, 2023

Cake Smash

One year old boy in vintage blue outfit smiles during his photo sessions, giving off great cake smash expectations

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The bond between a mother and child is so special and unique. It begins during pregnancy and continues to grow throughout the child’s life. This bond is formed through a combination of biological, emotional, and social factors. Dads may feel like they’re being left out of some pretty important stuff because they don’t get to […]

Bond Between A Mother and Child | Captured In Photographs

August 25, 2023

Mommy and Me

baby walks toward mom, showing the bond between a mother and child

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Welcoming a new baby into the world is an extraordinary experience filled with boundless joy, tender moments, and fleeting memories. As parents, we wish to hold onto every precious detail, every new expression, and every milestone. Luckily, photography allows us to freeze those beautiful moments of baby’s first year in time, creating lasting memories that […]

Baby’s First Year, Captured

June 22, 2023


Baby's First Year Photos - Cake Smash

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Creating connection with a baby client is essential for capturing beautiful, unforgettable photographs and that is my goal Every Time I photograph a baby. Some ages are easier than others to work with (*cough* 6-8 month sitters *cough*) but it’s definitely not impossible to make a connection with any little that comes for a photo […]

Creating Connection in Baby Photography

March 28, 2023


Creating connection in baby photography

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Today we’re going to talk Bucket List Photo Locations. I’ve been in business since March of 2017 so I’ve done a LOT of photo sessions. When you’re first starting out, you shoot anywhere that the client wants. Oh, I’ve shot in so many places that I look back on now and shake my head at. […]

Bucket List Photo Locations

September 20, 2022


bucket list photo locations - boardwalk surrounded by beach grasses

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As a former postpartum and newborn nurse, breastfeeding is near and dear to my heart and, at every opportunity, I offer breastfeeding photo sessions. I breastfed all three of my children for at least a year each. It was the most precious connection to share during that time and, often, I think back and kick […]

Breastfeeding Photo Sessions

September 13, 2022


breastfeeding in egg chair

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Today we’re going to talk about when you should reschedule your photo session. I have to be honest here…I’m not one of those hard core, heavy duty photographers who will shoot in tornados and gale force winds and epic snow storms. That’s just not my style and I know that about myself. My clients know […]

When to Reschedule Your Photo Session

August 9, 2022


beautiful posed newborn baby girl

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Maybe you’ve never thought about what a Google review means to a small business – and if you’re not a small business, why would you?? – but I’m here to tell you that it means A LOT. So many people make a hiring decision based on reviews and the difference between a business that has […]

Your Google Review Helps Small Business

August 2, 2022


baby details, in home newborn session, google review