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August 25, 2023

baby walks toward mom, showing the bond between a mother and child

The bond between a mother and child is so special and unique. It begins during pregnancy and continues to grow throughout the child’s life. This bond is formed through a combination of biological, emotional, and social factors. Dads may feel like they’re being left out of some pretty important stuff because they don’t get to grow a human inside their internal organs like we do – and all joking aside, I LOVED being pregnant and did commiserate that my husband was on the outside of things – but step back dads! This post is about the bond between a mother and child! You’ll get your blog post another time 🙂

bond between a mother and child strengthened by time together reading a book
mom and baby hold hands during one year photoshoot

Biologically, the mother’s body provides nourishment and protection to the developing fetus during pregnancy, which creates a physical bond. Hormonal changes also occur during pregnancy and childbirth that can increase feelings of attachment and bonding between the mother and child.

mom and baby snuggles surrounded by birthday balloons
bond between a mother and child is shown by time together

Emotionally, the bond between a mother and child is often strengthened through the act of caregiving. While dads definitely also meet the definition of being caregivers (in a different way), the mother meets the child’s needs for food, comfort, and safety, and a strong emotional connection is formed. The child learns to rely on the mother for support and protection, and mom experiences a sense of fulfillment and purpose in caring for her child.

baby smiles while standing close to her momma
bond between a mother and child

Social factors also play a role in the bond between a mother and child. Cultural norms and expectations surrounding motherhood can influence the way a mother interacts with her child and the value placed on the mother-child relationship. Supportive relationships with family, friends, and healthcare providers can also help to strengthen the bond between a mother and child.

baby looks at her reflection in a mirror
mother and daughter in Savage studio

Overall, the bond between a mother and child is a complex and multifaceted relationship that is essential to a child’s physical, emotional, and social development.

blush dress and blush chaise in natural light Savage studio
baby girl feels bond between a mother and child

So, how does this relate to photography? Well, I’m glad you asked (says the motherhood photographer)! Capturing the bond between a mother and child in photos can be a beautiful way to preserve memories and celebrate the special relationship between them and I am all about that. Here are some tips for taking meaningful and memorable photos specifically to freeze in time the bond between a mother and child:

  1. Pay attention to light. Whether it’s studio light or natural light, a beautifully-lit image is perfect for capturing the intimate moments between a mother and child. I also think it’s important to use light creatively. When I was learning photography, I was taught to avoid split lighting (when there are direct sun rays and shade alternating in the same location) because it was seen as distracting and contributed to poorly exposed images. Over time, I have seen enough ABSOLUTELY CAPTIVATING images that use split lighting to know that this outdated rule is silly and should be thrown away. Clients don’t typically know or care about indirect versus direct light anyway…all they know is that their eyes are happy looking at their photographs and that’s what matters.
  2. Choose the right location. The location of the photo session can greatly impact the overall feel of the photos. Consider a location that is meaningful to the mother and child, such as their home or a place they like to visit. This can help create a more comfortable and relaxed atmosphere, which can lead to more authentic and natural photos.
  3. Focus on the details. Pay attention to the small things that make the bond between a mother and child special, such as their facial expressions, hand-holding, or cuddling. These intimate moments can be captured in close-up shots to highlight the connection between them followed by pullback images that show the environment.
  4. Be patient. Taking photos with children can be challenging, especially if they are young and easily distracted. It’s important to be patient and allow time for the mother and child to feel comfortable and relaxed. If breaks are needed, take them! Incorporating fun activities to help keep the child engaged and happy! Whatever it takes!
this mom gazes at her baby, showing the bond between a mother and child
bond between a mother and child shown by touching hands

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