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July 6, 2023

Several months back, one of my past clients sent me a direct message on instagram about Heirloom portraits.

Random: Is this a portrait style you offer?

Heirloom Portraits - set of three siblings

Under the message, she linked a website that had the most darling images of a little one and an idea was born.

This client went on to write:

I’m looking for someone to do this style for us yearly. It feels vintage and traditional, like everything has been stripped down and it’s a moment in time capturing our girl…I just…fell in love with the idea of having these.

Heirloom Portaits - young girl in white shirt

Thanks to a spectacularly intense late winter/spring on the mental health front over here, this idea got placed on the back burner for longer than I’d like to admit but, throughout the drama, in the background of it all, my brain was constantly percolating the idea of heirloom portraits (maybe a coping mechanism??). My sister-in-law has three kiddos on the younger side of mine so I put her to the task of getting them some white shirts and we made room on the calendar to do a test shoot.

Heirloom Portraits show young boy in white shirt

On a sunny June morning, they trucked it over to my studio and we got some sweet shots of my two nieces and nephew and, I have to say, they did great. It can be pretty daunting being a younger kid and being the sole focus of an intimidating camera (not to mention having *everyone* staring at you) but we got a great assortment of smiles that represented each child wonderfully.

Heirloom Portraits - girl in red glasses and white smocked shirt

With that, the heirloom portraits part of my business was born. Look for more blog posts about this very specific type of portraiture coming soon (and there may be a model call or two as well!).

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