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I have been dreaming about shooting a foggy photo session. Something about fog is sooo dreamy and idyllic. Every foggy morning, I wish I had a client on tap – or someone pregnant or with a baby – that I could call and say, “Meet me at xyz place!!” Short term notice like that doesn’t […]

Foggy Photo Session

July 27, 2021


eighteen month photos with foggy sunbeams

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Ready to see some sweet Howard County Conservancy photos? It’s about time for this location to start being a presence on my website! I should start out this blog by stating that family photos are not my wheelhouse and I typically pass on any family session inquiry I receive. I specialize in birth, maternity, newborn, […]

Howard County Conservancy Photos

June 15, 2021

Maryland family

telling jokes at family picture session

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One of the most frequent client requests I get is for garden maternity photos. It makes total sense, too. What better way to show off a body in bloom than surrounded by a garden in bloom (I’m sorry, I know it’s punny, I had to). But truly, I can always tell when spring is around […]

Garden Maternity Photos

January 29, 2021

Pregnancy Annoucement

garden maternity photos for this pregnancy announcement

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I’m not a wedding photographer. Screwing up on a wedding day is a mistake you can’t come back from and I don’t have the nerves to withstand that kind of pressure 😂 (wedding photogs, my hat is off to you…I admire all the beautiful work you […]

I’m Not a Wedding Photographer

January 22, 2021


sunset anniversary pictures in white Gambian wedding attire

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So. It’s time for family photos. It’s usually mom pushing the photos and, if that’s the case in your family, Go YOU, mom, because aren’t moms usually the ones behind the camera and barely in front of it??? I think that’s one of the saddest trends and, as a photographer, it’s one of the ones […]

Family Photos Can Be Fun

December 8, 2020

Maryland family

compilation of family photos at the beach

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Waiting is so hard. It’s not just hard for kiddos, either. It’s difficult for adults too. It’s so tough to understand that some things can’t happen right now…they need time to simmer, time to develop, time to become right. Waiting is so hard. This is a lesson that I have been learning for a long […]

Waiting is so HARD

December 4, 2020


family pregnancy announcement, waiting is so hard

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Major props to all the accountants out there because I am waaaay too selfish to work around the clock doing math and paperwork for other people…but I’ve got a similar situation. See…October and November are tax season for photographers. I start booking for the fall in June. JUNE. I don’t even want to think about […]

Tax Season for Photographers

November 3, 2020


Fall Family Photos during tax season for photographers

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I love taking photos at Woodlawn Manor. I’m always guaranteed the trifecta of photography must-haves when I do a session there: great light, variety of locations, interesting textures that make the photos fun to look at. I’ve shot SO many sessions at Woodlawn that I know exactly when to go to which location on the […]

Woodlawn Manor Family/Maternity Photos

November 1, 2020


girls in foreground, parents in background

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I talk allllll the time about my photography bucket list. I’m wondering if those around me are starting to get sick of it but here comes one more! I have been longing to do a Bishop’s Garden Engagement Session. The National Cathedral in DC is one of those majestic places that takes your breath away […]

Bishop’s Garden Engagement Session | Washington, DC

October 11, 2019


Beautiful gardens on display at Bishop's Garden Engagement Session

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Last Wednesday, I received a phone call from Seohee. She and Elijah are having an October, 2019 destination wedding in South Korea and they needed some photographs for the website they are creating for their guests. She wondered if I had availability for that Friday and thank God I did because it ended up being […]

A Dramatic Gaylord Engagement | Maryland Photographer

January 29, 2019