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January 20, 2024

As a former postpartum and newborn nurse, I have channeled my love of all things baby away from clinical nurse practice and into photography. If you want to see me thrilled, schedule a baby photoshoot with me and watch me turn into a bucket of joy, doing what I love best. There are all kinds of sessions you can do with your baby – my favorites are Fresh 48, newborn, sitter, and cake smash. Here’s what you can expect from Liz Viernes Photography when it comes to documenting your baby’s first year!

Fresh 48 Baby Photoshoot

The Fresh 48 photo session is so special. These photos take place within the first two days of your baby’s life, peely skin, hospital bracelets and all. When I worked on the postpartum unit, I liked to say I could see God all over the babies – they were that tiny, fresh, and brand new. The photos you get are raw and real. Mom looks exhausted, dad looks proud, baby is sleepy and hungry. Real life is captured and I love it so much. Do the Fresh 48 baby photoshoot!!!

Fresh 48 baby photoshoot - newborn in hospital bassinet
parents pose with newborn baby in their hospital fresh 48 photoshoot

Newborn Baby Photoshoot

Next up: the newborn photo session. It can be a super formal posed newborn session in my studio OR a more candid lifestyle session in your home. The two are as different as night and day. The posed newborn session consists of those quintessential, squished newborn poses of your nakey baby, all curled up, asleep and precious. I also pose your sweet babe in various props, and you can do family portraits as well, if you choose. Some people feel that this is the ONLY acceptable version of a newborn baby photoshoot buuuut they haven’t talked to the next group… because

posed newborn baby photoshoot - sleeping and awake photos of newborn baby girl
Posed Newborn
awake newborn baby and asleep baby posed with parents
Posed Newborn
parents pose with newborn baby girl on white studio bed in newborn baby photoshoot
Posed Newborn, Parent Posing on Bed

Others like to do their newborn photos in the comfort of their own home. The people who reach out to me about a lifestyle newborn session have likely already prequalified their homes according to the style they have seen on my socials: their homes have TONS of natural light coming through the windows and light, neutral decor. These clients know they want to showcase the beautiful nursery they have spent months preparing, or they want to do dreamy breastfeeding photos, or include their furry family members. Lifestyle newborn photos are very documentary in nature and are fabulous in showcasing the emotion and relationship between family members ❤️

Lifestyle Newborn baby photoshoot - newborn baby with mom, dad, and family dog pose for photos in baby's neutrally-colored nursery
Lifestyle Newborn
Newborn baby boy and parents pose for pictures in the family home
Lifestyle Newborn
Newborn baby photoshoot in parent's bedroom
Lifestyle Newborn

Sitter Baby Photoshoot

I don’t mean to pick favorites – because truly, I love all types of baby photos – but, if pressed, I’d have to say that I love sitter sessions the most. There is nothing cuter than a chubby, smiley, gummy babe. The sitter session typically occurs when the baby is between 6-8 months old. My only requirement is that the baby is SITTING SECURELY but NOT YET CRAWLING. I don’t mean to yell but I do want to make sure I get the point across.

7 month old baby poses for sitting pictures in a field of flowers at sunrise
Outdoor Sitter Session

If your babe has not yet developed strong enough core muscles to sit for about 45 minutes, she is going to be falling over and bonking her head… and we do not want that. (See above: smiley and gummy.) I have had some parents bring me babies who they thought were ready but, in fact, they were not. No big, we propped that sweet bebe in a prop and carried on. Buuuut, if we do it that way, half of your babe will be hidden in a bucket and we want to see fat little toes and squidgy bellies so let’s just wait until those abs are nice and strong. I promise, there is definitely time between strong abs and crawling – don’t feel you need to rush it.

sitter baby photoshoot in Burtonsville photo studio
Studio Sitter Session

Speaking of crawling, and not to confuse you, but that’s what we want to AVOID unless your idea of a good time is just getting shots of the back of your baby’s head – which I’m sure is adorable…but you can’t see gums from the back so let’s just do it my way, hmm? I jest but I’m actually also serious. A crawling baby is a crawling away baby and you’re not spending all this money to not be able to see your young one in all his pudgy, smiley glory. Speaking of glory…

Cake Smash Baby Photoshoot

The crowning milestone session to cap off the end of your sweetie’s first year is the cake smash. Turning one is a HUGE achievement, not just for your babe, who has done so much growing and changing and becoming in that first year, but also for you. You have put in the time, endured the sleepless nights, changed a zillion diapers and worn endless amounts of baby woof. You have earned your badge and you deserve to have all that growth documented in a beautiful, timeless way.

baby boy sits with parents on white bed for his first year photos
first birthday baby photoshoot; baby boy with dark hair in cream overalls sits on white bed
baby boy poses for first birthday photos in white studio with letters that spell out ONE
baby boy smashes cake during first birthday photo session

Whatever baby photoshoot you choose to book, be it one, two, or all four of the above, know that I will work tirelessly and enthusiastically to capture the very best of your little love so that you can remember these fleeting days for all the rest of yours ❤️

Featured on Subkit, Liz Viernes Photography is based near Potomac, MD, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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