Pregnancy Photos for the Modern Mom: A Guide


January 27, 2024

gorgeous pregnant woman in red dress stands on a rooftop deck in a beam of sunshine

Pregnancy photos have become increasingly popular in recent years as expectant mothers want to memorialize this special time in their lives. If you’re a modern mom-to-be looking to create beautiful pregnancy photos, this guide will provide you with tips and ideas to make the most of your maternity photoshoot.

1. Choose the Right Photographer:

  • Research and select a photographer who specializes in pregnancy photos or has experience capturing pregnancy moments.
  • Look through their portfolio to ensure their style aligns with your vision. This can be not only the artistic style (light and airy versus darker and moody) but also the posing and the vibe that the photos convey.
pregnancy photos featuring a bright red sweater dress in a wintertime field

2. Timing is Key:

  • Schedule your pregnancy photos between the 32nd and 35th week of pregnancy. I choose this timeframe because your pregnancy is visible enough that we know what we’re there for but you’re not so far along that we’re worried you might go into labor before we can get the photos done! The window for maternity photography *does* have an expiration!
pregnancy photos walking down a driveway with a fluffy black and white dog

3. Location and Setting:

  • Decide on the location for your photoshoot. Popular options include outdoor settings like parks, beaches, or gardens, as well as indoor studios or your own home.
  • Consider the atmosphere and style you want in your photos. Romantic, natural, or urban settings can all create unique vibes.
pregnancy photos on a rooftop deck

4. Wardrobe Selection:

  • Choose clothing that makes you feel comfortable and confident. Flowing dresses, form-fitting outfits, or even lingerie can work well.
  • Solid colors or simple patterns often photograph best. Avoid clothes with large logos or distracting patterns.
pregnancy photos showing off the belly in a red sweater dress

5. Hair and Makeup:

  • Consider professional hair and makeup to enhance your natural beauty. It’s not every day that you have photos done to capture your beautiful pregnant self, so let’s make it special!
  • Keep it natural and timeless; heavy makeup or drastic hairstyles may not age well in your photos.
different views of maternity photography in a grassy field

6. Include Your Partner and Family:

  • Involve your partner and any older children in the photoshoot to capture the whole family’s excitement. Pregnancy photos are for the whole family!
  • Coordinate your outfits to create a cohesive look (but avoid matching!).
expectant couple laughs together while embracing

7. Poses and Composition:

  • Your photographer will guide you through poses, but don’t hesitate to share your ideas and preferences.
  • Focus on showcasing your baby bump from various angles. Profile shots and close-ups of your belly are popular choices. Pregnancy photos should evoke emotion and tenderness!
husband and wife embrace while wife drapes her shawl over husband's shoulders

8. Props and Accessories:

  • Bring along props like baby shoes, ultrasound images, or a chalkboard with your due date for personal touches.
  • Floral crowns, wraps, or scarves can add a whimsical and artistic element to your photos.
tender moment between expectant husband and wife

9. Natural Lighting:

  • If shooting outdoors, I like to schedule in the later afternoon or early evening (depending on the season) for soft and flattering lighting. Two hours before sunset is my favorite!
  • For indoor settings, we’ll work together to determine and achieve the best lighting setup.
pregnant woman poses on stone driveway during winter maternity photography session

10. Emotional Connection:

  • Allow your emotions to shine through in your photos. Think about the joy, anticipation, and love you feel for your unborn child. Pregnancy photos can be SO beautiful and tender.
pregnant couple walks in tall field during their session for pregnancy photos

11. Candid Moments:

  • Some of the most beautiful maternity photos capture candid moments and genuine interactions between you and your loved ones. These images, the ones I catch during the “in-between moments” are always my favorite!
views of pregnant women standing in front of a barn in a grassy field

12. Digital or Print:

  • Decide whether you want digital copies for sharing on social media or printed photos for framing and displaying in your home. When you choose me for your maternity photos, you get both!
couple stand nose to nose with husband's hand cradling his wife's pregnant belly

13. Enjoy the Experience:

  • Relax, have fun, and enjoy the experience. A positive spirit and a relaxed demeanor will help you feel and look your best.
a stone wall is the backdrop to an expectant couple's embrace during their pregnancy photos

Remember that maternity photography is a celebration of this unique moment in your life. Be open to creativity, express your personality, and let me help you capture these beautiful memories for years to come.

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