Three Month Milestone Photos


March 30, 2024

baby girl in a cream jumper lays on her back in an earth-toned Moses basket; three month milestone photos

I love all things baby. If it has to do with a baby, I want to be involved. Photographing them has become second nature to me. It’s weird how I always have nerves before photographing maternity sessions or family sessions but baby sessions never make me nervous. I think it’s because the maternity and family participants are always looking at me to be the ringleader and that is a little bit stressful, ha! I assume the role and responsibility but it’s a little nerve-wracking to be in charge of leading the show.

"mugshots" of a three month old baby; a gallery showing the baby's various expressions

With babies, it’s totally different. They’re not following *anyone’s* rules and it’s a free-for-all but it’s guaranteed to be cute no matter what else happens. There’s never any agenda outside of a loose structure (ie we’ll start over in this spot and then we’ll make our way to this other spot and pull out these toys or use this basket) and it’s different every time because all babies are different!

three month old baby girl lays on her belly on a white bed; three month milestone photos

I usually photograph babies at the newborn stage, the sitter stage, and the one year celebration but Abbey’s momma had missed the newborn window and didn’t want any more time to pass without documenting her sweet girl. The three month milestone is a precious time – baby is smiling and can usually push up on her hands and, though the time is short due to limited attention-span, parents love any shot we get of their precious one because it marks exactly who their babe is at that moment in time.

a momma in a white dress sits in an egg chair nursing her three month old baby

There was a special necklace from grandma that we documented and we even got momma in the frame for some breastfeeding images. Here are Abbey’s three month milestone photos. Isn’t she darling??

three month milestone photos, momma and baby sitting in an egg chair
smiley baby girl in her three month milestone photos

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