Baby’s First Year: The Journey


October 1, 2023

It is an honor and a pleasure when a family chooses me to be the holder of their memories…it is even more so a gift when I am invited back time and time again. Such was my experience with the Szewczak family, who hired me to photograph Kayla and Andrew’s maternity session as well as Waylynn’s baby’s first year package, which includes newborn, sitter, and first year portraits.

For many, the journey of parenthood is one of the most cherished and transformative experiences of their lives. It is a journey filled with love, anticipation, and milestones. Throughout most of 2022 and the early part of 2023, I embarked on a heartwarming project that encapsulated this incredible journey – capturing baby Waylynn from the earliest days of her existence in her mother’s womb to her first birthday.

Baby’s First Year: Maternity Photos

Kayla and Andrew’s beautiful maternity photoshoot took place at the beautiful Rawlings Conservatory. Kayla, radiant with joy and anticipation, posed amidst the blooming flowers, her hands gently cradling her growing belly. It was my job to capture the emotion and excitement of this moment, emphasizing the connection between mother and unborn child. The images were intimate, showcasing the bond between Kayla and Andrew as well, setting the tone for the incredible journey ahead.

A collage of husband and wife maternity photos at Rawlings Conservatory in Baltimore starts a year of baby's first year photo sessions

Baby’s First Year: Newborn Photos

As the days turned into weeks, Kayla gave birth to a healthy baby girl, whom they named Waylynn. I met Waylynn on her sixth day of life and was able to capture the innocence and vulnerability of her first newborn days. The images of Waylynn and her parents in their earliest days together highlighted the tenderness and awe that comes with welcoming a new life into the world. I pulled from my experience with studio lighting and my ability to capture authentic emotions to produce Waylynn’s lovely newborn gallery.

Baby's first year continues at the newborn session which includes parent posing, and solo baby posing.

Baby’s First Year: Sitter Photos

As Waylynn grew, Kayla brought her back so that I could capture her during the sitter phase, the point when babies start sitting up on their own but can’t yet crawl. This stage is ideal for documenting a baby’s adorable curiosity and chubby cheeks, and I didn’t want to miss a single moment. I loved capturing Waylynn’s bright-eyed wonder as she explored her surroundings, creating a collection of images that showed off her personality and charm.

A trio of photos showing a six month sitting baby continues our baby's first year journey.

Baby’s First Year: Birthday Photos

The grand finale of this amazing year was Waylynn’s first birthday photoshoot. We met up again in my basement studio, complete with faux flowers, wooden letters and a matching wooden chair that Kayla had ordered especially for the occasion, as well as a cute flower cake for Waylynn to dig into. The session was filled with sweet moments, joy, and cake-covered smiles as Waylynn celebrated her first year of life. These images were such a beautiful way to wrap up the story of Waylynn’s journey from before birth up to her first birthday.

The culmination of baby's first year sessions shows a one year old girl celebrating her first birthday in a collage of photos.

This project, one of many I have had the pleasure of capturing, follows a baby from her mother’s maternity photos to her first-year birthday photos and shows the power of photography in preserving the most cherished moments of our lives. Through my lens, the beginnings not only of the journey of parenthood but of a child’s first year gives this family the ability to relive these precious moments for generations to come.

It serves as a reminder of the beauty, love, and wonder that comes with the arrival of a new life into the world, and the role of a skilled photographer in preserving those memories. I hope my work stands as a testament to the power of photography to capture not only moments but also the emotions and stories behind them. Baby’s first year photos are some of my favorites!

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