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I have been dreaming about shooting a foggy photo session. Something about fog is sooo dreamy and idyllic. Every foggy morning, I wish I had a client on tap – or someone pregnant or with a baby – that I could call and say, “Meet me at xyz place!!” Short term notice like that doesn’t […]

Foggy Photo Session

July 27, 2021


eighteen month photos with foggy sunbeams

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When I’m conducting a consultation phone call with a prospective client, one of the points I try to hammer home is that my goal during their photo session is to capture the relationship between family members. There are some photographers who really aim to snap those smiling-at-the-camera-CHEESE shots – and there’s definitely a place for […]

Capture the Relationship

July 20, 2021


pregnant belly shot in golden field

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Truth moment: I hated the entire first quarter of the shots I took of this maternity session. The light was too harsh, the wind was gusting, her hair was flying everywhere (not her fault) and I just wasn’t happy with anything we got. I knew it in the moment but I couldn’t say that to […]

Sometimes It Just Doesn’t Work

July 13, 2021


standing in golden hour, pregnancy photos

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One of my favorite things about this family is how they just live – and their living moments make for such great snapshots. I met them two years ago when I shot Lila’s newborn session and they invited me back into their home recently to capture Rosa and Marie’s twin lifestyle newborn photos. I can […]

Twin Lifestyle Newborn Photos

July 6, 2021


family time, twin lifestyle newborn photos

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If I could tell you the number of potential clients I have had to turn away this spring, you’d want to cry right along with me. I looooooathe telling clients I cannot work with them. I dread sending the email that says, “I’m so sorry, I can’t help you because I’m booked 😭”, and yet […]

Schedule Newborn Photos Early!

June 29, 2021


big sister looks at newborn in crib

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Ready to see some sweet Howard County Conservancy photos? It’s about time for this location to start being a presence on my website! I should start out this blog by stating that family photos are not my wheelhouse and I typically pass on any family session inquiry I receive. I specialize in birth, maternity, newborn, […]

Howard County Conservancy Photos

June 15, 2021

Maryland family

telling jokes at family picture session

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Yesterday I booked a brand new client who signed on for FOUR sessions. She’s 34 weeks pregnant, staring down the barrel of labor and delivery, realizing that the clock is ticking and that, if she wants to document this child’s story from pregnancy to first birthday, she’d better get on it! So she booked a […]

Watching Baby Grow

June 8, 2021


baby in red sits on white bed, watching baby grow

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I love these people. I have photographed this family almost from it’s inception – from Liz and Brandon’s maternity session while pregnant with Renley, to Renley’s newborn photos and her cake smash session, then to welcome their second daughter, Ava, with her newborn photos and now her one year session. Not only do I adore […]

Blue Eyed Baby Cake Smash

June 1, 2021

Cake Smash

ombre pink smash cake

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Don reached out to me just shy of Ashley’s birthday and told me he had a special request. They were expecting their second baby, another beautiful baby boy, and Don wanted to do something sweet for Ashley. See, the baby boy she was carrying, perfectly created by our God who makes no mistakes, had a […]

A Special Maternity Session

May 24, 2021


special maternity session

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I’ve got a Columbia lifestyle newborn session headed your way today – an adorable redheaded boy named Teddy. I’ve photographed a handful of redheads during my four years of newborn photography and it never fails to strike me how cute they are. It’s actually hard to believe this was last September (yes, that’s how far […]

Teddy | Columbia, MD, lifestyle newborn

May 18, 2021


full family portrait, Columbia lifestyle newborn