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Creating connection with a baby client is essential for capturing beautiful, unforgettable photographs and that is my goal Every Time I photograph a baby. Some ages are easier than others to work with (*cough* 6-8 month sitters *cough*) but it’s definitely not impossible to make a connection with any little that comes for a photo […]

Creating Connection in Baby Photography

March 28, 2023


Creating connection in baby photography

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To be fully transparent, my Word of the Year *started* out as friendship…and just this morning it morphed into CONNECTIONS. I’m on the verge of tears again as I type this because it’s just amazing how pouring into people and truly connecting reaps such benefits, over and over, to everyone involved. This blog post virtually […]

Word of the Year | Connections

March 7, 2023


Family photos that show connections

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Today we’re going to talk Bucket List Photo Locations. I’ve been in business since March of 2017 so I’ve done a LOT of photo sessions. When you’re first starting out, you shoot anywhere that the client wants. Oh, I’ve shot in so many places that I look back on now and shake my head at. […]

Bucket List Photo Locations

September 20, 2022


bucket list photo locations - boardwalk surrounded by beach grasses

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Today we’re going to talk about when you should reschedule your photo session. I have to be honest here…I’m not one of those hard core, heavy duty photographers who will shoot in tornados and gale force winds and epic snow storms. That’s just not my style and I know that about myself. My clients know […]

When to Reschedule Your Photo Session

August 9, 2022


beautiful posed newborn baby girl

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Maybe you’ve never thought about what a Google review means to a small business – and if you’re not a small business, why would you?? – but I’m here to tell you that it means A LOT. So many people make a hiring decision based on reviews and the difference between a business that has […]

Your Google Review Helps Small Business

August 2, 2022


baby details, in home newborn session, google review

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So you’re trying to find a photographer? Welcome! My goal is to serve my clients to their 100% satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, my job’s not done. So, how to tell that we’re a good fit? Let’s chat about it! #1 Find a Photographer Based on Image Packages One way to find a photographer and […]

5 Ways We’re a Good Fit

January 25, 2022


a good fit - newborn portrait session

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I have been dreaming about shooting a foggy photo session. Something about fog is sooo dreamy and idyllic. Every foggy morning, I wish I had a client on tap – or someone pregnant or with a baby – that I could call and say, “Meet me at xyz place!!” Short term notice like that doesn’t […]

Foggy Photo Session

July 27, 2021


eighteen month photos with foggy sunbeams

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Ready to see some sweet Howard County Conservancy photos? It’s about time for this location to start being a presence on my website! I used to say that family photos were not my wheelhouse and I typically passed on any family session inquiry I received. I specialize in birth, maternity, newborn, and first year milestone […]

Howard County Conservancy Photos

June 15, 2021

Maryland family

telling jokes at family picture session

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Sitter sessions are my favorite. (Okay, I have lots of favorites, don’t go taking me literally – my other blogs will contradict me.) Sitter sessions really are ones that I look forward to for a bunch of reasons, the highlight of which is no stranger danger here! So…what do I like about baby sitter sessions? […]

No Stranger Danger Here!

January 12, 2021


no stranger danger here; baby boy smiles at camera

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Some of you know me and many of you don’t. Those of you who do know me probably know that homeschooling is something that caught my interest early on in my motherhood journey. It was always a topic that intrigued me but very definitely was not anything I ever had aspirations to do. I know […]

Homeschooling and Life Changes | Maryland Family

October 8, 2019

Maryland family