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January 25, 2022

So you’re trying to find a photographer? Welcome! My goal is to serve my clients to their 100% satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, my job’s not done. So, how to tell that we’re a good fit? Let’s chat about it!

Find a photographer who's a good fit - newborn portrait session - Liz Viernes Photography

#1 Find a Photographer Based on Image Packages

One way to find a photographer and determine that we’d be a good fit is if you prefer receiving ALL the best digital files from your session. I don’t limit the number of images I give to clients and I don’t make you choose between packages of 5, 15 or 30 images. Nope! If its a great image and I’d be thrilled to receive it in my own gallery, you get it!

That’s not to say that I give every image that I take. One of the services that I provide is culling through the files to pull out the absolute best of the best so that you’re not confused by too many options. I get rid of blurry, out of focus shots. I eliminate duplicates – if there are five of the exact same pose, I pull the best one and send the other four to the bin. If dad sneezes or toddler girl pulls up her dress, I opt out of sending those because, while funny, they don’t tug heartstrings and I’m in the business of making you tear up when you see your finished gallery.

Your memories are your memories and I want you to have them all so you’ll never have to make hard choices when you choose me as your photographer.

#2 Image Style

Another way to know that we’d be a good fit is our mutual love of soft, airy, timeless images. Whether we’re in the studio or at an outdoor location, my shooting and editing style is classic and minimal with a focus on moments shared. If you book with me, you can expect outfit suggestions that incorporate light, neutral solid colors. Never will I encourage loud, bold patterns as those will quickly date an image and won’t be as pleasing to the eye. I will, however, champion long, flowy gowns for maternity sessions or romantic, off-the-shoulder dresses for lifestyle newborn sessions.

Along those same lines, location choices will be light-filled spaces with tall, frondy grasses or light-colored architecture. I won’t shoot anywhere that will distract from our purpose, which is to capture precious moments shared between family members.

a good fit - one year portrait session

#3 Outfit Opinions

A third way to know that we’d be a good fit is the honest opinion that I’m 100% willing to share. For example, with outfits: I always tell clients that I’m happy to be as involved as they want me to be in choosing what they’re going to wear for their session. If you’re between two styles or multiple colors, send me links…I will be more than happy to chime in about what will photograph best.

Another honest stance: kid behavior. If you have toddlers, please trust that I understand toddler behavior. You will NEVER get a toddler to cooperate by scolding or punishing. Just – no. Instead, soft words, gentle hugs, quiet moments or, when all else fails, IGNORING…these are the best ways to handle a toddler meltdown. You can always trust that I will be clear about that in my consult phone call or in the moment during the session when struggles are happening.

You’ve taken the time to find a photographer and determined we’re a good fit, so when I’m shooting a session for you, my time is yours. I never want you to stress that we’re not getting anything good, leading to impatient moments instructing a kid to cooperate. Instead, take the quiet moment, knowing that I’ll be hiding behind a bush, snapping the heartbeat in time when your sweet boy rests his head against your shoulder while you rub his back.

a good fit - family portrait session

#4 Simple Photography

Another way to determine if we’re a good fit is our shared love of simplicity. If given the option to do a crazy theme with tons and tons of props OR a toned-down, simplistic set-up, I will always elect for minimalism. I’m not there to photograph 57 birthday props for your cake smash…I’m there to freeze your sweet baby in time. I’m not wild about elaborate set-ups of any kind, to be honest. I feel like all of that detracts from the precious moments that we’re trying to document.

Find a photographer whose aesthetic matches yours. My eyes are calmed by neutral colors, beautiful light and simple touches. That is what you can *always* expect from me. Let’s leave all the chaos and drama for someone else.

a good fit - maternity portrait session

#5 Sense of Humor

A final way to know that we’ll be a good fit is if you are also a person with a sense of humor and the desire to not take anything too seriously. That’s not to say I won’t take your session seriously…my priority is your 100% satisfaction, as I said at the top of this blog post. But we can have fun while achieving our goal of getting you amazing pictures!

I’m a goofball. I use humor to diffuse tension or break up monotony. I sometimes trip or teeter precariously on my stepstool (that I need because I’m height-challenged). My brain is slower than my mouth so sometimes I’ll say something that I wish I hadn’t and we’ll giggle about it. Bottom line: a session with me isn’t meant to be hard or stressful. My hope is that we’ll laugh together and swoon over the amazing shots we’re getting and leave the session feeling like we were both enriched by our time together ❤️

If you are trying to find a photographer, contact me to discuss if we’d be a good fit!

Liz Viernes Photography is based near Elkridge, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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