A Mover and a Shaker

Cake Smash

April 16, 2021

a mover and a shaker first birthday celebration

One of the things I love the most about cake smashes is that the baby is typically a captive audience. By that, I mean that the situation is brand new, the people (namely me) are brand new, the location is usually brand new and the one-year-old typically spends the session wide-eyed, looking around, wondering what’s allowed and what isn’t. Not so for Oliver’s one year cake smash 🤣 this guy was absolutely a mover and a shaker and NOTHING was safe from his curious exploration.

this guy is a mover and a shaker

Ahhh, Oliver. He and I go way back. I’ve seen him four times now: I photographed his Fresh 48 right at the very beginning of Covid, his lifestyle newborn session, his sitter session and now, finally, his cake smash session. He couldn’t move at the two newborn sessions but I should’ve known he was going to be a mover and a shaker at the sitter session. We met on a breezy October morning and the guy should’ve been cold but he was just too busy, haha.

Happy Birthday cake smash photos

Absolutely nothing had changed when his one year session rolled around (except that he practically looked like a grown man compared to just five months ago 😭). Oliver is SO curious and into whatever he can get his cute hands on. The ONLY thing that slowed his roll was the cake. He was a mover and a shaker *until* we put that yogurt-frosted, blueberry-and-strawberry-covered delicacy down in front of him. At that point, he became VERY focused and his brilliant momma (who made the cake with her son’s preferences in mind) noted that he’s definitely a fruititarian. If there’s fruit on it, it gets his full attention.

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