Cake Smash of my Dreams

Cake Smash

April 13, 2021

baby in pink tutu reaches for white roses

I have to bust out a major spoiler alert: Lilly’s was the cake smash of my dreams. I don’t even know where to start with how precious this session was. From the baby rolls to the flapper-like costume to the pearls all the way down to the pink tutu and that gorgeous cake. There is nothing about this session that I don’t adore.

toddler in tutu sitting on white bed

You would never even know that Lilly was rather reticent at the start of the session. Being a Covid-era baby and not having had a lot of opportunity to interact with strangers, it’s not a surprise that she was a little wary and big-eyed at the beginning of our time together. But the cake smash of my dreams came together nicely after some warm-up time.

cake smash of my dreams, baby is one!

What was the warm-up time, you ask? Well, that’s where mom and dad come in. When I’m working with a little one who’s a little hesitant and unsure, I stay pretty quiet and let mom and dad work the magic. Sometimes cake smash sessions can be a little chaotic with everyone shouting the baby’s name and lots of noise and stimulation. For some littles, that’s ok! For sweethearts like Lilly, I blended into the background a little and had mom and dad coax the smiles out of her cute self while she warmed up to the environment and settled in a bit.

toddler flapper dress with pearls and headband

Once we had a rhythm down, it wasn’t hard to photograph the cake smash of my dreams. The main piece of advice I give mom and dad is to try to stand right behind me (or even peek over top of me if I’m crouched down)…that way it looks like baby is gazing at me (when we really know all eyes were on her favorite people in the world – as it should be!). After that, it’s just about capturing those adorable moments when baby is diving into that yummy cake. No cake smash is the same but they probably all fit the criteria of being…the cake smash of my dreams.

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