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Cake Smash

April 20, 2021

toddler smashes his face into the cake

I was feeling SO proud of myself. Back in February, I looked at my list of sessions to blog and I freaked out a little. There were more than just a few (I’m being nice to myself – there were about 30 sessions on the list) and I had just kind of buried my head in the sand and forgotten that blogging is part of the job! Yikes. So I got to work and plowed through a great number of those sessions – I had so many that I was able to schedule two a week to be published to get me back on track. February was grand, March was sublime and April has been fab…except…I looked at my pending list of blogs to be published…and I only have two left. Which means I need to get back in the saddle and knock out some more blogs.

boy celebrates ONE in field with sun shining through leaves

Thankfully, I’ve had a busy winter. I’ve got lots of new content to share, beautiful babies and mommas and even a senior or two to brag over. My clients are so wonderful. Because blogging is part of the job it’s something I can’t let slide for too long or I get buried under the pending sessions. I can tell that Google loves me, however, for the continued content that I’m putting out because it’s been sending new clients my way left and right. And that is what makes a photographer – or any small business owner, honestly – do a happy dance.

hot air balloon themed cake smash

Blogging is part of the job and sometimes it means turning people away. I don’t turn people away because I want to or because we wouldn’t have been a good fit, no way. I turn people away because if I accepted all the jobs that came my way, I would never see the light of day. I’d be buried under a pile of editing and blogging that would make your teeth itch. Blogging is a necessary evil. Some people love it, some people hate it but all people who are trying to sell a service should do it because blogging is how to get found.

toddler in bowler hat eats cake

And because no blog of mine would be complete without some cute pictures of little people, meet Sawyer. He turned one and his parents wanted to mark the milestone with some photos. Sawyer wasn’t *quite* sure of me and stared a lot with those big watchful eyes so it’s a good thing he brought dad along. Dad was the guy who unlocked the smiles.

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