Yours Truly Mommy and Me Session | Columbia, Maryland


April 13, 2019

Mommy and Me session under Spring cherry blossoms

Mommy and Me sessions are so special and important. I’ve been on a soapbox lately about how important it is to get Moms in the frame. So often, mom is the one behind the camera and never in the picture and, one day, the kiddos are going to look back and wonder if mom ever existed! While I get that not everyone sees life through a photographer’s lens, it becomes a bummer when all the family albums are chock full of daddy and the kiddos but mommy is nowhere in sight.

DC area cherry blossoms are the perfect backdrop to a Mommy and Me session

I am the perfect example of this. My husband is great at so many things and while it’s really difficult to imagine a shortcoming of his because there just aren’t many…I hope he’ll forgive me when I bring up one. He’s super-hot, amazingly attentive, does the laundry when he sees it needs to be done and frequently brings me McD’s caramel frappes buuuuuut my high school sweetheart often forgets to pull out his phone and document moments of me with the kids. It becomes less of a candid moment and more of a teeth-bared-at-the-camera moment when you have to interrupt the proceedings to ask him to grab a quick shot.

A mom and her girls giggle together at Columbia, MD, mommy and me session

Cue the Mommy and Me session. This is where it comes in handy to know a photographer buddy like my friend Christina (C. Tundo Photography) who snapped these shots of me and my girls this past April while the cherry blossoms were in bloom. She sees every shot in her mind before it happens and is poised and ready to capture memories with no teeth-baring necessary. So, while husbands may need a refresher course in Sweet Moments To Be Remembered 101 every now and then, your local photographer doesn’t. Christina came along to another Mommy & Me session I shot to grab some behind the scenes for me and then stayed to capture these sweet photos that I will treasure because there’s not a forced smile in sight 🌸 Thanks, Christina!

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