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September 21, 2021

baby on white bed stares at one letters

Why is it that just when you feel like things are under control and you can take a breath, everything falls crazy again and you’re scrambling to catch back up!?! I feel like I had my entire life in order about a month ago – blogs pre-written, editing queue *manageable*, everyone alive and semi-happy – and somehow I’m back in a whirlwind of chaos, just trying to keep my head above water!! I’m a busy newborn photographer who seems to be wearing too many hats 🤣

baby plays with pearls

It’s my own fault. We homeschool, you see, so I signed up for a moderate amount of crazy anyway (just the constant feeling of being on call and *needed* by somebody at any given moment in time). When school ended in May, I thought I could take a breath but then a hundred and one maternity sessions piled in. All good, that’s what I love, it’s cool, everything’s fine.

pink ombre birthday cake

Summer proceeded along, the maternity sessions gave way to newborn sessions (insert that bit about being a busy newborn photographer again) and my days were spent juggling photography duties while still trying to be a present mom. Side note: this summer, the pool membership didn’t seem as cool as it did in previous summers. Someone explain to me why I had to bribe and threaten my children into trips to the pool when, in the past, it was all they wanted to do??? Is this what happens when they get a little older? All the previously fun things cease to be cool? I don’t like it. (And also, the pool is where any mom-naps happen so I really need my kids to keep wanting to go!)

busy newborn and baby photographer

In mid-July I decided it would be interesting to bump the crazy up another level. Not only was I living the life of a busy newborn photographer and a nagging mother but now let’s add a foster dog and her four puppies to our world for 8 weeks!! All good, it’s a learning experience which will teach the kids a lot of amazing lessons and, besides, PUPPIES. (They were incredibly sweet puppies too…we fell in love but vowed – and succeeded – in not keeping any!!) Needless to say, July and August zoomed by in a blink and somehow now we’re here in September. Our beach vacation was last week which, while relaxing and wonderful as always, majorly contributed to my feeling that I will never catch up. The kids “missed” their first week of school…not a big deal for the girls, who are home doing curriculum with me, but a semi-big deal for the boy who is back taking core classes through our homeschool co-op twice a week. Apparently missing a week of 7th grade is a MAJOR deal so in the middle of fielding all the pent up photography requests that came in while we were away, we have to catch up on math and science and history and grammar. It’s a lot. This busy newborn photographer is feeling it. And, evidently, every couple of months I write a blog post that has everything to do with my insane schedule and virtually nothing to do with what this page is supposed to be about: photography.

baby sits amidst flowers and pearls

So, now that I’ve unburdened myself a little, let’s take it back to a subject of relevance: Deetya’s adorable cake smash. This sweet baby missed out on her newborn session because of Covid so I had to wait over a year from her parent’s maternity session to meet her at her birthday session! She was well-worth the wait though, don’t you think?

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