Foggy Photo Session


July 27, 2021

eighteen month photos with foggy sunbeams

I have been dreaming about shooting a foggy photo session. Something about fog is sooo dreamy and idyllic. Every foggy morning, I wish I had a client on tap – or someone pregnant or with a baby – that I could call and say, “Meet me at xyz place!!” Short term notice like that doesn’t usually work with fog because it typically burns off before any last minute plans can be made.

foggy photo session at Cromwell Valley Park

This particular morning, however, my foggy photo session dreams came true – and totally organically! Easton is one of my First Year Membership babies. I photographed his Fresh 48 session on Christmas Eve, his newborn session, and his first year cake smash. We did his first year a little differently (switched out a sitter session for today’s 18 month session just because it worked out better that way) and his morning foggy photo session was totally by chance. His original date was two weeks ago but the poor guy woke up with a stye on his eye a day or so before the session so we decided to push back a couple weeks to let him heal. The morning of his session dawned beautifully for a July day – not muggy or steamy but, rather, coolish and pleasant! – and my drive to our location happened under a beautiful sunrise that gave way to (what *looked* like was going to be) blue skies. That was until I pulled into the driveway of the park we had chosen and the entire area was sitting under a dense cloud 😳🤪🤣 Just my luck. We had planned for a super early morning session so that we could get the perfect light before the sun was too high in the sky. Both households woke up at 4:30 – big commitment – and things looked like they’d be perfect…

Cromwell Valley Park foggy photo session

Until that cloud happened. At first I was bummed, shaking my head, thinking fondly to my comfy bed and mentally shaking my fist at Mother Nature. But then I really looked around and saw how cool things looked. How ethereal. How mysterious. Once I confirmed that there was enough light to actually shoot the session, my mood drastically lifted and I was mentally kicking my heels up in the air…finally I was going to shoot that coveted foggy photo session! And with a family I know and have loved this past year.

family snuggles in the fog

You guys. The session went *perfectly*. Easton brought the charm with his (at first) shy smiles, which transitioned to full-faced grins once I figured out the magic ticket of high-pitched fake sneezes. If anyone else was around, my a-CHOOs would’ve probably been pretty annoying but Easton got a kick out of them and, if it works, it works! Toward the end of the session, the sun started peeking out behind the cloud cover and we got the most amazing sun beams coming through the trees. I snapped so many magical shots that I completely filled up my memory card – otherwise I probably would’ve kept going (and it’s good I didn’t because I had to get home to take my two older kiddos to the orthodontist).

pregnancy mom snuggles with toddler during foggy photo session

This foggy photo session was a dream and I’m *so* sad that Easton’s first year (*cough*18 months*cough) has concluded. Good thing (look closely 😉) there’s another baby cooking…did you catch that?? 🥰

foggy photos in tall grasses

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