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August 3, 2021

blue water, blue sky, pregnant momma

One of my absolute favorite locations is the site of Hannah and Will’s beach maternity session. The vibe you get from the sand and the water and the beach grass is unlike any other. I knew I wanted a couple to model this location because it’s a place that I want to shoot over and over – it never gets old.

beach maternity session, Pasadena, MD

This beach maternity session location is a spot I like to keep private. It’s a neighborhood beach in Pasadena, Maryland and, because of that, I don’t want to broadcast exactly where we go. I don’t want to overrun the neighbors with a lot of photographers crowding the beach – which would happen if I shared the address publicly. If this is a location that appeals to you, definitely mention it to me as “the beach maternity session spot” and I’ll know exactly what you’re talking about…but I definitely plan on keeping the location under wraps until just before we meet there. You’ll see the wisdom in this when we arrive. It’s surrounded on three sides by private homes and, since we typically meet there in the early morning, I don’t want to give the residents any reason to be upset.

pregnant woman poses on beach

This beach maternity session location is so perfect. It’s on an inlet of of the bay so it’s quiet and serene and peaceful. The beach itself is small-ish…but we don’t need much room. Honestly, the surroundings and the light (once the sun makes its early morning ascent in the sky) speak for themselves. Not to mention…the water feels amazing and I will never disuade a pregnant momma from wading in and getting closer to nature.

couple maternity photos, belly shot

The main downside – other than the VERY EARLY wake-up call to shoot here, is that it is about a 40 minute drive from my home in Burtonsville. Since most of my clients live closer to me, that means it’s a 40-50 minute drive for most who would be looking to hire me. That might be a deterrent for pregnant clients with toddlers but it’s typically a sacrifice that first time pregnant clients are willing to make. Hannah and Will were certainly up for the opportunity ❤️

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