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July 20, 2021

pregnant belly shot in golden field

When I’m conducting a consultation phone call with a prospective client, one of the points I try to hammer home is that my goal during their photo session is to capture the relationship between family members. There are some photographers who really aim to snap those smiling-at-the-camera-CHEESE shots – and there’s definitely a place for those in the photo album – but that’s not my style.

capture the relationship during family maternity photos

Sure…I’ll get some photos of everyone looking at the camera and smiling nicely…but that doesn’t light my photographer’s soul on fire. What does light me up is when I capture the relationship…when the spark between loved ones is frozen in time for all to witness…when my clients look at their final gallery and their hearts swell because they see what I saw from behind the camera. And that is the magic that I try to pull out of each and every person who stands in front of my lens.

capture the relationship between husband and wife

This family had magic in SPADES. It wasn’t just one of them pulling the others along – they *all* had it. Watching them, I could see the truth about this family: theirs is a home filled with laughter, fun and love. Each of them had that fun-loving spark, right down to Josiah, who was the most magical three year old I’ve had to pleasure of meeting. I mean, just look at them! 😍

pregnancy photos at Howard County Conservancy

Ready smiles, silliness overflowing, sweetness galore, tenderness everywhere. It was almost too easy to capture the relationship. Everywhere I looked, sweet moments unfolded. Sean is the most tender, snuggly daddy and husband. His interactions with Josiah were funny, cute, tender, silly, and serious….there was a little bit of everything!

husband and wife pose for maternity photos in field

Jeenie, who Sean described to me as “pretty, outgoing, sweet, and a great mother to our super funny…son” overflowed with adorable expressions that matched whatever was happening in that moment. Her face transformed when she was reacting to something Josiah said or did. She showed up in every moment with genuine emotion and her boys soaked it all in. Did I mention that it was 97 degrees the night we shot this session??? You’d never know. She was radiant.

capture the relationship between mom and son

And Josiah? Well. He RELISHED being the main man in his parent’s lives. His smile never faltered and, best of all, it was REAL, transforming his sweet face and making every shot better than the one before. He never once cheesed, faked it or refused to give in to the moment. You totally wouldn’t know, based on his awesome attitude, that this guy was three. Not one diva histrionic. Not one refusal to participate. He was up for anything and everything and he showed up to the party like he was the man of the hour. Just. Wow.

capture the relationship between family members

My goal in every photo session is to capture the relationship between family members. To be a fly on the wall, documenting the emotions and interactions between loved ones. Sometimes it’s harder than other times but this family? This family HAD IT. I can’t WAIT to meet baby Jubilee.

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