Waiting is so HARD


December 4, 2020

family pregnancy announcement, waiting is so hard

Waiting is so hard. It’s not just hard for kiddos, either. It’s difficult for adults too. It’s so tough to understand that some things can’t happen right now…they need time to simmer, time to develop, time to become right. Waiting is so hard.

brother and sister find out their getting a new baby, waiting is so hard

This is a lesson that I have been learning for a long time, basically my whole life….but for the last several years God has had his hand stirring the pot on something specific and I keep waiting for the resolution to come. In my human way, I feel so frustrated and antsy. I want it to happen Right Now. But through faith, I know that it’s not meant to happen right now. Other things need to happen first and, gah, it’s such a bummer to wait. Waiting is so hard.

mom reads books to daughter in front yard

Truth be told, there are several things I’m waiting for…and, in the waiting, I’ve learned so many valuable lessons. You see, it’s foolish to sit back and wait for something to happen without putting in some work yourself. I can sit around and lament that things aren’t moving fast enough, that the resolution is taking forever to arrive…but without some personal effort, the waiting might never end. Part of the process, I’ve learned, is the growth that occurs while waiting for the end result. If I was the same person today that I was three years ago, I’d be just as far away as ever from the resolution I’m seeking. I’ve had to pull myself out of a place of comfort and address certain things about me that need some work. And, truly, this work I’ve done has brought about some really positive changes. It’s so empowering to see the changes that come from doing hard work on yourself. I, for SURE, have plenty more work to do, but I’ve come so far already and the changes I’ve made have influenced others around me so much.

family smiles over pregnancy news, waiting is so hard

So. Today I sit waiting for this thing to happen. One piece of the puzzle will, prayerfully, be falling into place today. It’s something that, in the grander scheme of life, has been needed for some time…but work has needed to be done. And while the waiting has been so hard, it has resulted in much needed changes for which I am so very thankful.

excitement over new baby, waiting is so hard

Speaking of waiting, I had to wait on releasing these pregnancy announcement photos for this adorable, sweet family…but it’s finally time! Stay tuned for their newest arrival early next year!

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