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December 3, 2020

Everyone likes a deal…I bet you can’t find one person who would rather pay full price for something when they could get a price break on it. And I know I’d rather establish a longer-term relationship with a client than photograph someone once and never see them again. So I took the knowledge that people love a deal and considered my desire to see a client more than once and I came up with my package for pregnancy + newborn photos.

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It’s similar to a wedding photographer who offers an engagement shoot in their wedding package. This is done so the couple can get to know the photographer and learn how their sessions are shot, how they like to pose people, and just to generally ease into the relationship. The alternative? Having a stranger show up to photograph the biggest day you’ve ever had. I don’t think I’d want that and I imagine the majority of brides and grooms feel the same way. Step that up a notch and factor in a brand new, postpartum, hormonal mother who didn’t have maternity photos considering handing her tiny newborn over to a complete stranger. Doesn’t seem like a match made in heaven to me…does it to you? This is why I counsel potential clients to do pregnancy + newborn photos.

pregnancy + newborn photos is the best deal

Maternity photos are awesome. Get you a gorgeous dress that drapes just so over your beautiful tummy. Get your hair and makeup done. Pose to perfection while your husband breathes in your serenity in amazement of this awesome feat that you are undertaking. (Ok, maybe this is just what I see through my viewfinder but TRUST ME. It will convey in the final result.) Enjoy flipping through pics of your beautiful, feminine, rockstar self as you wait out the final weeks of your pregnancy and then birth that baby and know that you’re handing him or her off to someone you have met and can trust to use infinite care to create more beautiful images of that precious fleeting newborn stage. Pregnancy + newborn photos = DEFINITELY something you should do. Definitely.

Want to see squishy Talia’s newborn session (you know, the other half of the pregnancy + newborn photos I’ve been talking about)?? You can see those here ❤️

Liz Viernes Photography is based in Burtonsville, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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