Pregnancy Announcement + Newborn Photos


March 9, 2021

big sister and brother with newborn sister

Ahhh this family. So utterly sweet and such a fun little journey I shared with them. I wrote about them in this first blog (that, looking back, feels really heavy and not at all in line with my mindset at the moment, even though that situation is still unresolved) and now have an update in the form of sweet baby Madeline! This family hired me for a pregnancy announcement + newborn photos and, as we’ve traversed through seasons (summer for the announcement and now winter for the newborn photos), it’s been pretty awesome to see their growth from four members to five.

pregnancy announcement + newborn photos

And while I really wasn’t going to go back to the “heaviness” from that earlier post, I actually didn’t start this blog with any topic in mind other than linking this family’s pregnancy announcement + newborn photos. I suppose it wouldn’t be out of bounds to follow up a little bit because who likes loose ends??

family posing, pregnancy announcement + newborn photos

Thought I wish I could say I had more to share. Things are still unresolved. I smile a bit resignedly as I remember back to the day I wrote their pregnancy announcement blog – I really thought there would be some resolution that day and there wasn’t. We’re still waiting. And, in the waiting, we’re realizing that maybe that thing we were hoping for wasn’t the right thing for us. If it was, it probably would’ve happened by now but because it hasn’t happened, new avenues are opening up for consideration. And so we sit here still waiting.

neutral, bright newborn collage

This family, however, is no longer waiting. They have their sweet Madeline girl and their family is one I would love to work with again anytime. Enjoy this family’s progression from pregnancy announcement to newborn photos!

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