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Lifestyle Newborn

October 7, 2020

Whenever I get an inquiry for a lifestyle (in-home) session, I always squeal a little. I adore lifestyle sessions. Granted, I vet them very carefully to make sure that I can deliver the style that my clients have come to expect from me…but when I know that a client’s home gets great natural light and is decorated neutrally with clean fresh colors, I get truly excited about the opportunity to showcase the beauty in lifestyle portrait sessions.

beauty in lifestyle with nursery and newborn details

It is undeniably true…people are just naturally more comfortable in their own homes. That comfort comes through in lifestyle photos. I see guards let down, I see real, authentic smiles come out. Not only do I get to see the candid realness of the people, I also am treated to the different ways people decorate their homes. I love soft white walls and light, neutral bedding. I scream (internally) over sheer curtains on the windows. I smile wistfully at the lovingly decorated nurseries with the whimsical details…I can just feel the love that went into the preparation of these rooms while expectant mommies and daddies waited patiently for their new arrival. There is such beauty in lifestyle photos.

Lifestyle sessions are not just reserved for newborn photos, either. In these Covid times, many parents had to forego their long-awaited newborn sessions in favor of more developed immune systems in their babies. I’m getting lots of requests now for 4 month in-home sessions and I am HERE FOR IT. Moms and dads want to document their babies while they’re still young enough to flash those gummy smiles and they still see the value in getting those nursery shots and breastfeeding images. Believe me, I’m running to those sessions because they are absolutely darling and so joy-filled. There is such beauty in lifestyle sessions.

Please enjoy meeting my young buddy, Andrew, and his really nice parents, Sara and Ralph…who, btw, were the epitome of what I look for in lifestyle clients. They were so relaxed and loving toward one another, I couldn’t click fast enough to document all the precious moments. Their whole gallery was an absolute dream to capture.

Liz Viernes Photography is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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  1. Kasey says:

    Love how the dogs got to be in the spotlight too!

  2. Amanda P. says:

    Eeek its so hard to pick but newborn lifestyle might be my favorite of yours. But 4 month lifestyle that might win for me!! I think your right – the families are so comfortable in their own homes.

    Your lifestyle galleries are always so precious!

    Idea – offer a posed newborn and 4 month lifestyle package!!

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