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April 28, 2020

When you reach out to contact me about a lifestyle newborn session (or any in-home lifestyle session, really), be prepared to be interviewed! In order to best be able to give you the images that you have come to me for, I have certain criteria that I look for to determine if newborn photos at home are the best choice for you.

dad holds tiny son in natural light nursery

The first thing I’m going to be asking you about is the natural light in your home. Do you have lots of windows? Do you get lots of bright light through those windows? I do have a flash I can bring and use, of course, but if I can avoid using it, that’s what I would prefer. I also will be asking you to turn off all the lights in the rooms we shoot in (it has something to do with the different color temperatures of the light otherwise half the photo will look blue and the other half will look orange = no bueno). So, be looking around your home and noticing the light coming in through your windows. Pay attention to what time the light comes in the brightest without hotspots (areas of direct sunlight on the walls or floors) – that’s ideally what time our session will be. Newborn photos at home need good natural light!

Another thing I’ll be quizzing you about is the color of your walls and your decor. The ideal lifestyle setting has walls that are painted a very light, neutral color. The best homes have white or very light walls (we can talk specifics during our consultation phone call) and this is for three reasons. White (or light-colored) walls:

  • act as a natural reflector so more light will be getting onto your faces for properly exposed photos.
  • don’t throw off color casts like, for example, a green wall would. I’ve never encountered a client who wanted her skin tones to resemble those of the Wicked Witch of the West 🤪
  • majorly contribute to the overall light and airy feel of the photos – and I assume that’s why you contacted me, right?

Decor questions will fall into the same theme…the overall look of your photos. Obviously I’m not going to ask you to get new furniture if you have dark wood in your home but, for example, I may ask if you have a white bedspread and a bunch of white pillows to offset a dark headboard. Similarly, clothing choices will be even more important to get that light, airy look (cream/light pink/etc. for mom, light gray/white/super light blue for dad). I’ll also be praying for lots of windows and I love a beautiful white sheer curtain, if you have them, to provide that extra dreamy touch! Let’s work together to make your newborn photos at home everything that you want them to be!

This lifestyle newborn was one of my first of 2020 and checked all these boxes beautifully! Lyle’s momma made a great choice when she decided to do newborn photos at home!

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