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April 27, 2020

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I’ve been wanting to do more at home maternity photos since the last session I did, two-ish years ago, when the couple I photographed opted out of sharing their session online (cue all the weeping). Imagine my delight when Kari reached out earlier this winter, requesting an in-home lifestyle maternity session. She and her husband, Chris, live in Rockville, MD, in an absolutely stunning, natural light-filled, neutrally-decorated home. It was a dream, and it totally whet my appetite for more of these in-home sessions. I’ll show you why in a second!

Provided that your home has plenty of windows and neutral/light colors and decor, it’s the perfect place to do a photo session! We don’t have to worry about weather, I come to you, you can include your fur-babies if you have them and you can be totally footloose and fancy-free…because you’re HOME. Plus, in-home sessions are so meaningful because you’re surrounded by all your belongings and it’s a great way to document where/how you lived at the time you were welcoming a new member into your family!

I loved all the different spaces we shot around Chris and Kari’s home. Their master bedroom was a little darker than the other areas but I pushed my camera to it’s amazing limits because I had some poses I wanted to capture and the master was the place to do it. Conversely, their upstairs hallway was almost TOO bright 🤣(j/k, there’s no such thing in photography) and I was wishing I could’ve harnessed some of that light to use in the master bedroom. But seriously…we spent a ton of time up in that upstairs hallway in that yummy light. We shot in the nursery a little bit, we shot in the kitchen (where I accidentally compared Chris to a serial killer 😬🤣- he took it well – and I got the cutest shot of Kari laughing in response). We shot in their living room which yielded the cutest, coziest snuggled up images and then, right at the end, we went out and got some pictures of them posed under their flowering cherry tree. So great, all of it ❤️Man, I just love these at home maternity photos.

Kari and Chris’ maternity session fell right before the world exploded into Covid-19 mayhem so I’m devastated that I won’t be able to document their little one’s newborn days – seriously, this coronavirus is breaking my heart in all sorts of ways – but at least we were able to do their at home maternity photos so Kari has some memories of this very special time in her life. (And, spoiler alert, we were able to do their newborn session after all!)

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