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April 29, 2020

Being a motherhood photographer, I document all things pregnancy, newborn and baby. Oftentimes, families will inquire about maternity and newborn photos but many people still don’t know that I offer newborn photos in the hospital, also known as Fresh 48 photos.

It’s crazy how quickly newborns transition from that teeny, tiny just born babe in the hospital into a scrubbed, dressed, fully functioning member of the household (if by that we mean a crying, pooping, feeding machine who has his days and nights thoroughly mixed up). When I worked at Howard County General Hospital on the Postpartum floor, I admitted brand new babies from Labor and Delivery and from the time they were two hours old and cared for them until their discharge home. It was always utterly astonishing to me how quickly they would change. They came to me fast asleep, covered in vernix and birth, I’d give the first bath and immediately, it seems, the fresh-from-heaven spark would be washed away.

Those first hours and days are a time of intense growth. Your baby was in the womb and now is out of the womb, eating and eliminating and growing, growing, growing. That’s why newborn photos in the hospital are so precious to new parents. I’ve had moms lament to me that time is already zooming by and their baby has changed so much (and that’s just from day 0 to day 2!). Imagine if you opted to do a Fresh 48 session – you would freeze those days in time and always be able to look back at your brand new from God baby.

I first started offering newborn photos in the hospital just over a year ago and it blows me away when I see those same babies come back for their studio or lifestyle newborn session – they just look so different. Want to see what I’m talking about? Here’s Lyle’s Fresh 48 and, when you’re finished sighing over how sweet and brand new he is, check out his lifestyle newborn session that I shot just eight days later.

Liz Viernes Photography is based near Ellicott City, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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