Isn’t it interesting how things come about?

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October 12, 2020

Ideal client in neutral master bedroom proving how interesting it is how things come about.

Isn’t it interesting how things come about? Since starting my photography business in 2017 and then deciding to specialize in maternity, newborn and first year milestones last year, I have worked very hard on honing my style and putting out into the world what I want to attract back. If I wanted to photograph vibrant colors and passing trends (I don’t), that’s what I would blog and share on my Instagram. I don’t want to photograph those things so I don’t share those things. Instead, my timeless, classic, light and airy style is what I want to attract so that is what you see all over my website and Instagram.

neutral nursery bedroom decor; it's so interesting how things come about

I guess I must be doing something right and the equation works (a big thank you to my mentors who have taught me well). Amazingly, the clients that reach out now are those who have homes filled with natural light and decor that is timeless and neutral. These clients have already prequalified themselves to be a perfect fit with me based on what they have seen of my work. Every client relationship begins with a questionnaire and a consultation phone call but half the work is done when the clients already know exactly what I need from them in order to do my job well. Those clients who have green bedroom walls or live in places with little to no window light don’t even reach out because they have already decided on their own that we wouldn’t be a good match! That’s power! Isn’t it interesting how things come about?? Hard work, determination, a plan and a lot of foresight.

new parents cuddle and show off their tiny son; it's interesting how things come about

This blog is about one of those utterly ideal clients, the ones whose wish lists line up exactly with what I deliver and who seem like a complete match made in heaven. It’s not a mystery why Alex reached out. She was attracted to what she saw on my socials and she knew I could deliver what she wanted…it still felt ordained from God, though. I mean, look at this beautiful family in their gorgeous home 😍 Isn’t it interesting how things come about?? Thanks to Alex, Nate and their beautiful baby boy, Anders, for an amazing session. I’d love to see you again, anytime!

Liz Viernes Photography is based in Silver Spring, Maryland, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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  1. Amanda P. says:

    I loe your timeless style! The light and airy photos that you’ve given us will stay with us in our home. We adore your work Liz!

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