Props and Outfits


February 9, 2023

A wonderful mentor and new friend recently closed her photography studio and gave me first pick of her props and outfits (and backdrops and headbands and…it was a wonderful haul). It was a huge honor that she thought of me first because she is someone I’ve really looked up to throughout this photography journey of mine.

While I don’t claim to have a studio wardrobe for mamas, it is nice to have options for the little ones, especially because these outfits fit well within the light and airy theme of my photography business. Any of these outfits is available for your little one to wear during his/her session – all you have to do is let me know which of the outfits you like! These outfits are best for babies aged 6 months to one year.

As for the props, these will mostly be used for newborn sessions, although occasionally they will be useful during a sitter session if baby isn’t quite as confident sitting up yet. When those babies come to me, I put them in a basket or bucket that will provide some support because I never enjoy a tippy baby (neither does mom, neither does the baby 😭).

Have a peek at the props and outfits I have to offer and let me know which you’d like to make use of!

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