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January 31, 2023

sweet nursery details, Candid newborn photos

Candid newborn photos are such a precious thing to have. As a postpartum nurse, Sara knows firsthand the joy and exhaustion that comes with bringing a new baby into the world. So when she and her husband Brendan welcomed their son, Rory, late last year, they knew they wanted to document this special time in their lives with a set of candid newborn photos.

Candid newborn photos in downtown Baltimore

Sara reached out and we decided to do a lifestyle newborn photo session in their home, capturing candid newborn photos of their little family in their baby’s nursery, their master bedroom, and their living room. They even included their sweet dog Kalea in the photoshoot, whom they adopted from a rescue in Hawaii – and you know my ears perked up when I learned her Hawaiian name (my part Hawaiian husband was raised there).

mom + newborn + dog, Candid newborn photos

As we chatted about their experience as new parents, Sara shared with me the ups and downs of the first few weeks with a newborn. “It’s definitely a learning curve,” she told me. “You’re so sleep deprived and you’re trying to figure out how to feed and change and soothe a tiny human who is completely dependent on you. But it’s also just so incredibly special to watch this little person grow and change and develop his own personality.” For her, candid newborn photos were a no-brainer.

views of a newborn's nursery, Candid newborn photos

For Brendan, the adjustment to parenthood has been a bit of a shock, but he’s loving it regardless. “I never realized how much work goes into taking care of a baby,” he admitted. “But it’s been so rewarding to see our son grow and learn and interact with us. And I have to say, seeing Sara as a mother has been one of the most amazing things I’ve ever witnessed. She’s so natural and nurturing, and it’s been so beautiful to see her in her element.”

baby in crib with parents standing by

I always ask for a tour of the home when I arrive for a lifestyle session, as I look for pockets of light that the client may not necessarily have targeted as a good place for photos. As we walked through their home, I could see the love and care that Sara and Brendan have put into creating a warm and welcoming environment for their son. This made their home just perfect for candid newborn photos. Their baby’s nursery is a bright and cheerful space, with pops of color and personal touches.

baby in crib, Candid newborn photos

In their master bedroom, they had a great mirror that I used to take some reflection shots, one of my favorite elements to include in candid newborn photos. It’s clear that this is a space where they spend a lot of time, snuggling and getting to know their little one.

overhead shot of baby and macro view of toes

The living room was comfy as well and *so* quintessentially Baltimore with it’s prominently featured brick wall, and it’s clear that Kalea feels really at home there. As we snapped photos of the family snuggled up on the couch, Kalea seemed to sense that something special was happening. She cuddled up close to the baby, and even posed for a few photos of her own. Her participation in these candid newborn photos captured her love for her family and showed just how special a member of the family she is as well.

mom and dad stand in nursery feeding hungry newborn son

As we wrapped up the photoshoot, Sara and Brendan couldn’t stop smiling as they looked at the back of the camera with me. “It’s so amazing to see these moments of our family captured forever,” Sara said. “We’re so grateful to have these candid newborn photos to look back on as our son grows up.”

family dog watches over new baby on master bed

For me, it was such a pleasure to spend time with this sweet young family and document this special time in their lives. As a nurse who used to work with newborns, I know firsthand the joy and wonder of welcoming a new baby into the world. And it was clear to me that Sara and Brendan are relishing every moment of this journey, as they navigate the ups and downs of parenthood with love, patience, and grace.

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