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January 31, 2023

dad's strong hands, baby's fragile head, Newborn photos with a nurse

Ever considered newborn photos with a nurse? If you work with Liz Viernes Photography, that’s what you’ll get! A newborn photo session in my basement studio in Burtonsville, MD, is always a special and memorable experience for the parents and families who come to me. It is my passion and joy to capture the beauty and innocence of a newborn in his earliest stages of life and it’s an extra bonus for parents to know that they are getting newborn photos with a nurse!

In fact, many new parents tell me that my background in nursing is what made them make the ultimate decision to hire me!

Newborn photos with a nurse + baby in Moses basket

One of the unique aspects of my studio is that I am not only the photographer but also a nurse. This can be especially helpful for parents who are first-time parents or who are concerned about the safety and well-being of their newborn during the photo session.

detail picture of newborn feet

Having a nurse photographer creating the photos not only provides an extra layer of reassurance for the parents, but it also allows me to provide services other than just photography. Yes, I focus on posing and lighting the newborn to create the most beautiful and artistic photos possible but I also have conversations with the new parents about how things are going at home, whether there is enough support for the new mom, how breastfeeding is going, and methods of calming and soothing the babe when sleep is at a minimum. I also teach swaddling best practices and give advice on safely wearing your baby in a wrap or newborn carrier. There are definite perks to choosing newborn photos with a nurse!

Newborn photos with a nurse, hammock pose

Before the photo session, I always have a phone call with the parents to discuss their preferences and vision for the photos. We go over the details of the session, including the length of time the family will be in studio, the number of poses they can expect, and any special requests or considerations. I also take the time to answer any questions or concerns the parents may have about the process.

newborn smiles, Newborn photos with a nurse

Prior to the photo session, I set up the studio and get everything ready for the newborn’s arrival. This includes preparing the props, lighting, and background to create the desired look and feel for the photos.

dad poses with newborn daughter, Newborn photos with a nurse

Once the newborn arrives, my nurse self puts on my mask and washes my hands thoroughly before touching baby for the first time, making sure he is comfortable before the photo session begins. I then carefully pose the newborn in a variety of positions, using props and accessories as needed to create a unique and artistic look. I take my time and work slowly and gently, making sure the newborn is comfortable and happy throughout the process.

mom cuddles brand new daughter in white studio

One of the benefits of newborn photos with a nurse is that I can assist with feeding and diaper changes as needed, allowing for a seamless and stress-free experience for both the parents and the newborn. I’ve also been known to assist with breastfeeding, as lactation support is one of the things I’m passionate about. A happy, warm, comfortable newborn enables me to focus on capturing the perfect shots without any interruptions or distractions.

multi shots of newborn baby girl

As I work, I take a variety of shots from different angles and perspectives, using different lighting setups and poses to create a diverse and beautiful collection of photos. I also take the time to edit and retouch the photos to ensure they are of the highest quality and meet the standards of my clients. You get the best of all worlds when you choose newborn photos with a nurse.

mom + dad + newborn, family photos

Overall, a newborn photo session in my basement studio in Burtonsville, MD, is a truly special and memorable experience. The presence of a nurse during the session – albeit the photographer – adds an extra layer of reassurance and comfort for the parents, while allowing me to focus on capturing the beauty and innocence of the newborn in a way that is both artistic and timeless. If you are interested in newborn photos with a nurse, I would love to discuss the details of your session and help you capture the memories of this special time in your family’s life.

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