7 Reasons to Hire a Newborn Photographer


March 3, 2023

newborn smiles caught by newborn photographer

Hiring a newborn photographer is a great way to capture the priceless (and oh so fleeting!) memories of your new baby and the whole family together. I’m dating myself here but newborn photography was only just starting to be a thing when my babies were newly born so I kind of missed out on this wave (thankfully some friends got together and gifted me a session for one of my babies so I didn’t completely miss out but those photos are *nothing* like what I would have chosen if I had been with it back then. I DON’T want you to make the same mistake.)

newborn photographer sets up family portraits

Here are seven reasons why you should consider hiring a newborn photographer:

  1. Timeless memories: Newborns change so quickly. A professional newborn photographer will capture those precious first days and weeks in a way that you will treasure for a lifetime. As your newborn photographer, I know the best angles, lighting and poses to make your baby look her most angelic and to make sure you have precious memories that you can look back on for years to come. The time really does skip by way too fast.
  2. Specialized skills: Newborn photography is a specialized field and requires a certain level of skill and experience. A professional newborn photographer will have the knowledge and experience to safely pose and photograph your baby, and will be able to capture those special moments that you want to remember forever.
  3. Safe and comfortable: Newborn photography can be stressful for both parents and baby, but a newborn photographer will know how to create a safe and comfortable environment for your baby, ensuring that the experience is enjoyable for everyone.
  4. Professional equipment: Professional photographers have access to high-end equipment, including cameras, lighting and props, that can make all the difference in the final images. A professional photographer will also know how to use their equipment to create beautiful, high-quality images that will last a lifetime.
  5. Keepsake and gifts: A professional newborn photography session can also be a great opportunity to create beautiful keepsakes and gifts for family and friends. Many photographers, myself included, offer a variety of products such as prints, albums, and digital images that can be shared with loved ones. No need to worry about Christmas gifts this year!
  6. Bundling Opportunities: At LVP, I offer the opportunity to bundle multiple sessions together (at a discount!) from the pregnancy announcement all the way through to the baby’s first year portraits and every milestone in between. By doing this, we are able to create beautiful, timeless images of the entire family all throughout this enormous life change, perfect for displaying in your home and sharing with loved ones.
  7. Convenience and flexibility: Newborn photography sessions can be scheduled at a time that is convenient for you, whether that is in the studio or at your home. Many photographers also offer flexible packages, so you can choose the level of service that best suits your needs and budget. One of the ways I serve my clients is by offering different package tiers so that you get exactly what you want and nothing more or less.
newborn posing by Burtonsville newborn photographer

Hiring a professional newborn photographer is a great way to capture the memories of your new baby as well as the whole family. A professional photographer will have the skills, equipment, and experience to create beautiful, timeless images that you will treasure for a lifetime. Plus, a newborn photography session can also be a great opportunity to create beautiful keepsakes and gifts for family and friends.

Liz Viernes Photography is based near Fulton, MD, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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  1. I’m glad you brought up the idea of hiring a skilled newborn photographer as a wonderful method to preserve your new baby’s memories. My brother is expecting his first child, therefore I think this would be a wonderful way to preserve the memory of the occasion. I’ll be sure to let him know about this and look into newborn photographers who could be able to assist them.

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