Howard County Conservancy Cake Smash

Cake Smash

October 19, 2021

detail shot tea party one year birthday photos

The Howard County Conservancy – My Go-To Photo Spot

We are well into what most newborn photographers are sure is the Covid baby boom (finally!) but I’m also knee deep in my newborns from last summer turning the big O-N-E! This year I purchased the annual photographer’s pass for the Howard County Conservancy and, I have to say, it’s a great place for a cake smash. Morning, evening, spring, summer and (we’ll see…) fall – all conditions have been great for any client that I have brought here this year. I’m pretty pleased with my decision to buy this pass and I think I’ll be buying it again for 2022.

one year cake smash tea party

I had two Howard County Conservancy cake smash sessions this weekend. One was bright and sunny (and HOT) and the second, Talia’s was cloudy and coolish (much preferred the second option, thank you very much). There are enough trees that the bright sunny session was plentifully shaded but Talia’s cloudy session was also beautiful, well-lit and enjoyably flowered as you’ll see throughout this post – thank you Howard County Conservancy for the well-thought out landscaping!

baby sits among the flowers at Howard County Conservancy Cake smash

I so enjoyed seeing this family for the third time over this year. I met them at Marisa and Greg’s maternity session and saw them again for Talia’s newborn. Sometimes that’s where it ends if the client purchases the Belly to Baby package and not the Baby’s First Year package. However, to my joy, Marisa booked a cake smash for Talia and so I got to see how much not only she but also her really sweet big sister has grown over the course of the year. The Howard County Conservancy was a great spot to shoot these photos and, as I look back over the sessions I linked above, it’s fun to see that the flower theme started with their maternity session 😊

big sis helps little sis eat cake

Talia wasn’t *super* interested in the cake (which meant that big sister got called in to service to help encourage some more tasting – much to her satisfaction 🤣) but the tea party that her momma set up at the beginning was adorable and it captivated Talia for some time. Her godfather was present (and an amazing baby-wrangler, I have to say) and he played some music on his phone which got Talia smiling and dancing so, all in all, I’d say this was a pretty great Howard County Conservancy cake smash. Happy birthday, Talia!

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