Fells Point Maternity Session


March 16, 2021

Fells Point maternity session, cobblestone streets

It’s so crazy to me that, as I’m sitting down to write about this freezing cold February Fells Point maternity session, we’re enjoying our first taste of “spring”. The irony isn’t lost on me – I’m remembering the bone chilling cold, the fact that my legs *still* weren’t warm after the 40 minute ride home on my heated leather seats…as my children are running around outside, screaming and throwing the last of the icy snowballs, alternating between reaching for the sky in freedom on the swings and playing in the mud puddles on our saturated lawn. Ahh spring. She’s such an evil temptress. I know that we haven’t seen the last of winter – this is just a bittersweet taste of what we’re not allowed to fully have yet – so I will write this blog about my recent Fells Point maternity session and relive the bitter chill combined with the sweet anticipation of this expectant mom and dad…and wish for spring.

Dominos Sugar sign maternity photos

I’ve known Peggy for MANY years…go ahead and do the math. I used to take the bus home from high school (granted, I think it was my freshman year) to her neighborhood, pick up her older siblings from the local elementary school and walk home to take care of them until their parents got home from work. We have followed each other on social media for years so I watched her find her person and get married. Prior to their Fells Point maternity session, I had never met Ryan but I can tell he’s a good guy if he’s married to Peggy.

Fells Point maternity session, green doors

When Peggy reached out about maternity photos, she immediately shared that they wanted to have the pictures done in Fells Point. She and Ryan have a personal connection: they lived there in the early days of their marriage and had their engagement and wedding photos taken there as well. Never having shot in Fells Point, I was completely reliant on them to tell me where we were shooting but I was all in. It’s such an iconic place and I’m Maryland born and bred. I don’t get up to Baltimore often for photos so, anytime I’m invited, you know I’m all in!

Baltimore industrial backdrop maternity photos

Having the memory of rainy wedding photos, Peggy was willing to do just about anything to avoid a repeat rainy photo session.We knew we would be contending with chilly weather, holding a Fells Point maternity session in February, but I don’t think any of us were quite prepared for just how cold and breezy it was that day. Thankfully, it was sunny and, despite the frigid temps and wind chills, Peggy and Ryan did great. They were game for every suggestion I made, even braving a slick sheet of ice to walk out to the end of the pier where they shot wedding photos.

Fells Point sunset maternity session

I so enjoyed this session and reliving it, writing this blog post, brought back warm fuzzies (the kind which *none* of us felt that specific, frigid day 🤣 but I hope they feel them as well when they look at these pics). Thanks, Peggy and Ryan, for trusting me to capture this sweet season of your life!!

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