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March 19, 2021

baby backlit by window in Burtonsville photography studio

Zeke. I love baby portrait sessions. Babies are the MOST fun to photograph. One of the things I love the most is that there’s nothing to plan for a baby portrait session. I can basically show up (or have them come to me in the studio) and start shooting. There’s no posing tutorial, no need for props, no concern for wardrobe malfunctions – none of that. Babies show up, look cute and photograph beautifully. The most I’ve ever had to do to prep for a baby’s portrait session is to wipe the eye boogies away or clean a nose. They’re the easiest and the best.

the many faces of Zeke, baby portrait sessions

Baby portrait sessions are so great because babies have no fear of strangers yet. Everything is fun, their curious eyes take everything in, smiles are typically abundant and everything that I capture is adorable. Baby giggling at daddy jumping around? Caught it. Chubby little hands grabbing onto a sweet wooden toy? Caught it. Little one gazing at the bright flashing light? Caught it. Head tipped back watching momma dance the toy right above my head? Caught it and caught it again from a different angle. It’s all precious and mom and dad are going to melt seeing the captures of their sweet little one.

baby in burgundy sweater and brown cords on white bed

Baby portrait sessions are easy for mom and dad too. The session is reliably short because babes typically don’t last longer than 30 or 45 minutes so it’s not a huge time investment. Two outfits are all you need to get some great variety. I usually start baby out in outfit #1 on the floor backdrop (white flooring surrounded on three sides with white curtains) and snap until baby tells us he’s lost interest.

baby portrait sessions in Burtonsville studio

Up next is outfit #2 on the bed. I typically shoot from two different directions to get some variety in the gallery. I like to shoot from the foot of the bed as well as the side of the bed. Baby can be on his back, his tummy or his bum for the bed shots. Everything is cute and I capture it all. By this point, baby might be getting a little tired and tears might happen. I even click through those because tiny little scrunched up tearful faces are precious and worthy of being documented too. This time goes by so fast – let’s document your baby’s portrait session so that you can always remember your baby just as he is today.

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