Outdoor themed cake smash

Cake Smash

February 9, 2021

the aftermath of an outdoor themed cake smash

I’m so behind on my blogs. If you clicked on the cake smash portion of my website right now, at this very moment as I’m typing this post in February, 2021, there would only be a handful of cake smash blogs. Not because I don’t have plenty to share but because the sessions have been coming so fast and furious that my time is taken up with shooting and editing sessions…blogging them falls by the wayside, eeeeep!! This adorable outdoor themed cake smash that I’m blogging today has been pending for a year and a half. Yep. I shot Xander’s cake smash in September of 2019. I’m blogging it today because I have so many inquiries for cake smash sessions and barely any proof that I shoot them! Moms and dads want to see that I can practice what I preach (ok, no one has actually said that, I’m my own worst critic) so here we go.

Wild One outdoor themed cake smash photos

I have a long relationship with this family. They were one of the first families to trust me to take their newborn photos. I photographed Xander’s newborn session way back in 2018 and when it came time for his first birthday session, his mom Ashley, approached me about doing an adorable outdoor themed cake smash. Her theme was Wild One and oh, how cute he was. He was a little bit stoic, but who could blame the guy. Most one year olds have never had cake before and now his very own cake is set up right in front of him and his regular people plus one stranger are all dancing in front of him, chanting and squealing at him to eat this unknown food item. It seemed fishy and Xander wasn’t buying it 🤣

Wild One Year Old photos

You’ll see a lot more from this family, especially because Ashley is incubating a baby girl for me even as we speak 😂😍 but for now, the spotlight is on Xander and his super cute outdoor Wild One themed cake smash.

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