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January 29, 2021

garden maternity photos for this pregnancy announcement

One of the most frequent client requests I get is for garden maternity photos. It makes total sense, too. What better way to show off a body in bloom than surrounded by a garden in bloom (I’m sorry, I know it’s punny, I had to). But truly, I can always tell when spring is around the corner because the requests for garden maternity photos ramp up and all the expectant mommas have visions of flowering blooms in their heads.

expectant couple poses in green field

The main thing about garden maternity photos is that, unless you know of a secret, off-the-beaten-path meadow with profusely blooming wildflowers that no one else knows about (if you do, PLEASE tell me about it, haha!!), you’re going to have to pay for the privilege of using the fruits of someone else’s hard labor. It’s a bummer of a fact but it’s the God’s honest truth – plan to dig pretty deep into your pockets for an hour of time at a beautiful, flowery location (it’ll be worth it, I promise).

pink balloons to announce sweet baby girl

That brings me to Jade’s maternity session. Jade and her husband, Andrew, reached out about documenting her pregnancy last summer. They were expecting their first baby, a girl, and wanted to go all out for their maternity photos. She knew that a flowery field was important to her and, despite the cost, wanted to figure out a way to make it work. Coincidentally, I had recently heard about Butterbee Farm, in Pikesville, Maryland, done my research on it, and had placed it on my photography bucket list. As soon as I heard Jade’s vision for her session, I had a feeling that this might be a match made in heaven. She went to their website, fell in love with what she saw, and decided that this was the location she wanted to use to announce her pregnancy to the world!

ultrasound picture and garden maternity photos

Jade and Andrew’s baby girl is now here and I hope that one day her mom and dad will show her the pictures we took that day, when she was just a tiny bump and a long-awaited answer to a prayer 💕

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