Christmas Tree Maternity Photos


December 24, 2020

Christmas tree maternity photos in gorgeous light

I’m going to talk about the gorgeous Christmas tree maternity photos I shot a week ago but first I need to get this off my chest. I went to Target today. Target used to be my place. It was a place I could count on to have what I needed every time I went. I don’t shop anywhere except Target (no lie). There was a time that I used to go to the mall. That time has loooooong passed – the last time I went to the mall, I left feeling so demoralized that I haven’t been back. The mall is no longer my place. Target became my place. But, sadly, if today’s trip is anything to go by, I might have to seriously start saying, “Target used to be my place.” 😭

maternity photos at local Maryland 
Christmas tree farm

(I swear I’m going to get to the Christmas tree maternity photos – I will. But first…) It’s partially my fault. Who goes to Target the week before Christmas and expects to come away with anything except disillusionment and dashed dreams? Me, apparently. And another thing…tell me why last year’s offspring gift-buying motto was, “Jesus only got three gifts and my children aren’t any better than Jesus” and this year’s motto seems to be, “oh crap, I don’t have enough under the tree for (insert child’s name here).” Since when did it become about how many gifts are under the tree?? (Since always, which is so sad, but that’s not actually what I’m talking about here – we’ll get back to how Jesus is the reason for the season at some point, promise.)

ornament on tree announcing pregnancy

Even sadder than being there in desperation to stack (unwanted) gifts under the tree is the fact that I was mostly there for myself. My mom uniform is a long-sleeved shirt from Target and whatever bottoms I can stand that day (jeans unless I don’t have to go somewhere that someone might know me –> then sweatpants) and my long-sleeved shirt supply is dwindling. Target has *always* come through for me on that front…but, again, that was when Target used to be my place. Today, Target had SHORT-SLEEVED SHIRTS (whyyyyyyyy??? It’s DECEMBER??!?!!) but very few long sleeved shirts and what they had in my size was all the ugly, picked-over colors that no one wants. Ugh, and the sweaters. What is up with these horrendous, bell-bottom sleeves that are currently popular? Are they serious with that crap? Hideous. I get that I’m an unfashionable mom now and will never follow the trends anymore but does no one else see how awful these sweaters are??? Target! I counted on you to be reasonable!!! Maybe I’m a little worked up right now…maybe it’s not as bad as I think…I mean, I was still able to buy some hair product and some comfy jammies…so maybe it’ll all be okay in the end. But the fact that I’m doubting my place, the place that I could always count on, makes me feel a little desperate. Target used to be my place…and maybe it will be again once these gross sweaters go back out of style soon…but today? Ugh. I’m not ready to talk about it. (Also, Jesus IS the reason for the season.)

beautiful light maternity photos

And, since this blog was COMPLETELY off the rails and has utterly nothing to do with my photography business, let me bring it back with Cortnee and Gene’s gorgeous Christmas tree maternity photos. They’re a fun, quirky couple so I think (correct me if I’m wrong C&G!) they’ll appreciate this 100% random but also totally true and real-life blog. They are expecting their little boy in February and Cortnee wanted to do an outdoor maternity session. She was totally ok with the possibility of chilly weather but, with the date we had chosen forecasted to be rainy, we rescheduled to the most sublime 58 degree December day there ever was. Gene, who typically loathes photos, showed up with his cute face on and we giggled through their session, one that was blessed with the most gorgeous early winter light. Gah! I’m still starry-eyed over it and them and I’m thrilled that these two nuts found me out of all the photographers around because they’re basically the best people ever. Can’t wait to see them for their posed newborn session with baby boy!!

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