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December 29, 2020

newborn baby girl in yellow, perfect time to do newborn photos

I’ve always claimed to love summer best. The long days with the perpetual promise of a Saturday evening campfire and s’mores. The lazy mornings waiting for my swim team swimmer, listening to the crickets and the frogs sing their perennial song. No school work, easy Cobb salad dinners, long pool days, the smell of sunblock, ice cream at the Amish market…ahhh. I love summer. But summer is not always the perfect time to do newborn photos. Mostly because all of the above activities require parental attention and involvement which doesn’t lend itself to spending three hours a day with a newb.

newborn collage, perfect time to do newborn photos

So while I’ve always claimed to love summer best (and nothing against fall – I actually love it too but it is the gateway to winter which I LOOOOOOOATHE), I’m sitting here on a rainy fall day thinking about how this is actually the perfect time to do newborn photos. When I lived in Seattle all those many years ago – favorite place on earth, those were the best, most carefree years of my life – I constantly spoke about how summer was amazing (it really was – if you’ve never experienced August in Seattle, you’ve gotta try it at least once). It was so gorgeous, the weather SO perfect, that it was go, go, go all the time. Summer was actually exhausting because you were trying to squeeze every last drop of fun out of every single sublime day, knowing that winter was looming. Winter in Seattle actually was a relief sometimes, because you were finally given permission to slow down and take a break. There was no perfect day out the window calling you to go exploring. It was totally appropriate to chill on the couch with your comfy socks on and a bowl of chili warming your hands while you watched Trading Spaces on TLC (yes, I did just date myself). And that type of weather is what I’m reminded of today, on this grumpy, gloomy, rainy fall day.

newborn girl in gray, purple and yellow with big brother

Right now, there is nothing pulling me outside. No adventure that we could be getting into. No perfect breezes or balmy temps that beckon me to leave this homeschool room and get into some real-world learning. My children are (mostly) sitting quietly with their work while I work on photography anyway…right now is the perfect time to do newborn photos.

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