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May 3, 2019

It’s a special kind of momma to be chosen to raise boys 💙

Chosen to raise boys three sets of feet

Boy mommas have all my respect because we moms were not boys, we did not grow up as boys, we do not think like boys, we often do not understand our boys AT ALL but still we were given them. We were chosen to raise boys. And I’m speaking from the perspective of having one boy. The moms with all boys – I always say there’s a special place in heaven for those moms. Their heaven will have all white rooms and bubble baths that are always hot. The refrigerators will be full and will have been stocked by someone else. The shoes will all be put away and the furniture will be ding-free. The legos will be off the floor, safe from tender, walking feet. Every person these moms encounter will have pants on. And it will be wonderful. But their heaven will also have a door that can be opened through which their boys will tumble, smelling like fresh air, newly cut grass and sweetly sweaty necks. Because all boy mommas know that their boys are the best boys, special little men with fervent devotion to the one they call Mom. We were chosen to raise boys. These boys roll around on the floor with their brothers wrestling like puppies one minute and offer to carry in the groceries the next minute. Too soon these boys will be shaving and driving and bringing home girls…but until then, boy mommas, take heart…you will come home to find a bike on your bed and you will be ok with it. Because YOU are amazing. You were chosen to raise boys.

I had so many favorites from the Leggett session that I’m going to overshare and it will be okay…💙

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