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Posed Newborn

April 30, 2019

I’m sitting outside my kids’ school on a beautiful Tuesday afternoon – it’s the kind of Spring day that makes you want to be alive. Sure, there’s pollen flying rampant and I’m possibly going to be watery-eyed and congested tonight at bedtime but that’s what Flonase is for so I’m soaking in the breeze and the comfortable temps for all they’re worth. Ohmygosh and if this was blog-o-vision, you’d be able to hear this one bird that is singing his life’s song right now…he’s just happy to be alive, like me. This is the first day my kiddos are back in school after Spring Break and all the work that I ignored while they were on break for 10 days is right here waiting for me. Caleb’s blog post is at the top of that pile. I saw Caleb’s momma (and cute Caleb himself) this morning at our bimonthly MOPS meeting and knew that I’d be writing his blog today. It’s so fun to see my past newborns – whether in person or on Facebook or Instagram – as they grow. I actually make a point to friend/follow their mommas and daddies so I can cyber stalk them…it’s purely selfish so I can stay in the loop 😂 I’m lucky, though, with Caleb’s momma because she’s a personal friend of mine and, after she saw all the contortions my body put itself through during her baby’s newborn session, she instructed that I was to call her (she’s a massage therapist) anytime my back hurts. Not a bad friend to have, amiright? And speaking of Caleb’s session, here are a few of my favorites. He slept like a champ for the first 3/4 of our time together…and then he woke up. And That. Was. That…as you can see below 😂 Funny boy 💙

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