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May 13, 2019

baby sits on white blanket under flowering trees

Ahh, April. You with your crazy rain and meteorological mood-swings and gorgeous spring blooms. Here on the East Coast, we never really quite know what we’re going to get with April but I have to say it’s almost always worth it. This year – it was definitely worth it. As a photographer – who associates with other photographers near and far – I can state without a doubt that the winter months are a mixed bag of emotions for all of us who count a camera as an extra appendage. A big part of winter is relief that the busy season is over. There’s plenty of time to devote to business resources and online photography classes that are pending to be started (or finished from last winter, if you’re anything like me!), back-office details and general business upkeep. But starting around end of February or beginning of March, we photographers start to get antsy. Photographing Fresh 48s and newborns throughout the winter is a great way to keep your trigger finger in fighting form but there starts to be an eagerness to get outside and experience that spring and summer light that is so beautiful and impossible to replicate with studio lighting. When Laura got in touch with me about doing cherry blossom photos, I was immediately all in. I knew of the perfect spot to get some gorgeous blooms, not drive too far and avoid the crowds that flood the DC Tidal Basin this time of year (win, Win, WIN) and let me confess that I stalked the living daylights out of these trees just waiting for them to decide to bloom. This year April was kind to us – it stayed cool enough that the blooms stuck around for a good long time and there were no storms with raging winds that tend to knock the buds off before they have even a chance to bask in their own glory – and this family was so gracious in their scheduling flexibility which required almost constantly being “on-call” for the perfect time. Laura and her family were so sweet and accommodating and I feel like we got some great shots that they will treasure. Thank you, Kennedy family, for trusting me to make the call! I had a great time with you!

Edited to Add: I launched a new website earlier this summer (Summer 2019) and am still in the process of bringing over all my old blog posts from the previous website. This post is one of them and, while it’s still only November, reading this blog and looking at the pictures has made me SO excited for this upcoming spring’s cherry blossom photos. Can’t Wait!!

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