Baby’s First Photoshoot


January 17, 2023

family gathers in nursery for baby's first photoshoot

As a lifestyle newborn photographer, I am always excited to capture the sweet and special moments of a young family welcoming its newest addition for baby’s first photoshoot! When I arrived at Leya’s family’s large, light-filled home in Glenwood, Maryland, I was greeted by her adorable two year old brother and the family dog, Lulu. Leya’s mom and dad were also present, and they were all excited to have their newest family member photographed in their home.

Leya was just thirteen days old on the day of the session, and she was already the center of attention. Her brother was so sweet and gentle with her, and it was clear that he was already protective of his little sister. Lulu was also very curious about Leya, and it was so sweet to watch her snuggle up to the new baby (though it’s also possible that she just sticks to mom like glue, ha!)

As we started the session, I focused on capturing all of the little details that make newborns so special. It is baby’s first photoshoot, after all! I photographed Leya’s tiny fingers and toes, as well as her precious little face. I also made sure to capture the special bond between Leya and her parents, as they snuggled and cuddled with her.

While I spend a lot of time during the consult phone call asking questions about the home and the lighting to ensure that baby’s first photoshoot is the very best it can be, it’s always fun to arrive at the client’s home and discover little pockets of great lighting and fun architecture. During Leya’s session, I had dad stand on the upstairs walkway overlooking the family room and we got some shots of baby and dad together.

I also had mom jump in to these photos while little brother was occupied with grandma so that we could get some sweet memories of both parents and Leya. It’s really important to get all combinations of family members during baby’s first photoshoot – we even got grandma to jump in a few shots!

Throughout the session, Leya’s two year old brother was always nearby, and he was very interested in what was going on. He was a little shy at first, but as the session went on, he started to warm up and even tried to help out by showing me his toys and posing for the camera. It was so cute to see him interacting with his little sister and his parents, and it was clear that he was going to be a great big brother.

mom and dad stand next to new baby's crib for photos

During the family posing on mom and dad’s master bed, everyone was included, even (or perhaps I should say ESPECIALLY) Lulu and we got some amazing, candid shots of the family having fun together, not even aware of the camera. Some of my favorite moments during baby’s first photoshoot come when the family is all wrapped up in each other, paying no attention at all to the camera or my process. That’s when I get the most natural expressions and the most candid interactions. These photos are often the ones that are the most special to the client.

new family snuggles for photo on master bed

I love that I got to be a part of Leya’s lifestyle newborn session, and I hope that these photographs will be a precious reminder of this special time in her family’s life. I know that as Leya grows, her parents will look back on these photos with love and nostalgia, and they will be able to relive the joy of welcoming their newest family member.

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  1. Oh my goodness!! The image of the sibling and the dog looking at the baby. Wow!! I adore this session.

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