Studio or In Home Photos?


December 2, 2022

The first question I ask when I receive an inquiry about newborn photos is whether the client wants to do studio or in home photos. This is a very important consideration and it is extremely client dependent. There are so many factors involved in determining where your newborn’s photo session will take place and I want to make sure we make the right decision for YOU.

Studio or In Home Photos – What’s Your Home’s Lighting and Style?

I am a light and airy photographer. In order to achieve my style and deliver the results that you are coming to me for, I need a light, bright canvas to work with. The best homes for my style of photography have ample window light and light, neutral decor. Okay, so does your home have one tiny window in the nursery but you want the majority of the session to focus on the nursery? Sadly, that’s not going to work very well (within the light and airy style, anyway).

nursery details - in home newborn photo session

Conversely, is your master bedroom decked out in cream-colored bedding, large windows all around, a light-colored headboard and light furnishings? Well then we’re going to get along like two peas in a pod.

Studio or In Home Photos - master bedroom photos
mom and toddler son snuggle during in home photo session
family snuggles on master bed for lifestyle newborn photos

Typically the people who reach out to me about an in-home session have already looked through my work, like what they see, and know that we’re going to be a good fit. I don’t field many inquiries from people who prefer a darker, moodier aesthetic because they know, based on what they’ve seen of my work, that that’s not what they’re going to get!

Studio or In Home Photos – What Style of Posing Do You Prefer?

The aesthetic of someone’s home takes a backseat if the client already knows that they want the quintessential newborn posing versus more relaxed, casual family posing and candid, authentic moments. Studio posing, while certainly able to incorporate family posing, mostly focuses on the newborn.

My studio workflow consists of table posing, prop posing, mugshots – if the baby is alert – and family posing, if desired by the client.

Studio or In Home Photos - posed newborn on purple

Table posing is when the baby is undressed and guided into various newborn poses like bum up, froggy, head on hands, side-lying, egg wrap, etc. All of those poses can be seen here. The baby doesn’t have to be completely naked…I can utilize wraps to cover any area you want covered.

Studio or In Home Photos - posed newborn on white

Prop posing utilizes various beds, baskets, and bowls (and I recently got a new swing prop!). Examples of prop posing can be seen here.

prop shots - Studio or In Home Photos

Mugshots are black and white images of an awake baby and all of the glorious newborn expressions that their tiny faces make. (These are typically the most liked images on my Instagram page.)

Parent and family posing can take many forms and some examples of the options can be found here.

While all of the above is exactly what 50ish% of the newborn-photo-seeking population is looking for, the other 50ish% wants the exact opposite.

Studio or In Home Photos – Prefer the Home Vibe?

Say you have a toddler in addition to your new baby and you can’t imagine trying to get everyone ready and out of the house to be somewhere at an appointed time. Or you really want to document the first home your baby was brought home to. Or you have a family pet that you really want to include in the photos. Or you have been browsing Pinterest and you can’t get enough of the intimate homey shots of new parents in their beautifully decorated nursery, gazing proudly at their new bebe.

parent photos lifestyle newborn portrait session

You see where I’m going here…when asked whether you prefer studio or in home photos, a lifestyle newborn session is clearly the right choice for you. I like to incorporate the master bedroom, the baby’s nursery, and then any other part of the house that gets great natural light and is neutrally decorated. We’ll focus on the family relationships: mom and dad each snuggling the baby individually, mom and dad cozied together holding baby, breastfeeding shots, standing shots, sitting shots, lounging shots, solo baby shots….whatever we can create during the couple hours I’m there is fair game.

Studio or In Home Photos - couple holds newborn in front of bedroom window

Trying to decide on studio or in home photos can be a hard decision or is a very easy one. Whichever decision you make, I’ll be there right alongside you, freezing your memories in time.

Liz Viernes Photography is based near Glenelg, MD, and specializes in maternity, fresh 48, posed and lifestyle newborns and first year milestone portraits.

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