10 Newborn Mini Session Poses


November 2, 2021

So, we’ve discussed the differences between the full newborn session and the mini newborn session. Now I want to clear up the next big question I get which is: is this pose included??

Newborn Mini Session Poses – Why?

The important thing about the newborn mini session is that it’s SHORTER than the full session on purpose. The mini session is for those parents who want to document their brand new baby but *not* at the price of the full session. The mini session gives you some classic newborn poses, edited beautifully so that this life stage is frozen forever, but it’s done in a way that saves you time and money.

Because of that, you won’t expect to see the time and labor-intensive poses like froggy or bum up. Instead, expect poses where the diaper stays on and the baby is wrapped to prevent flailing arms and legs. Your baby will be carefully placed in baskets or other props to display him at his most adorable and there will be enough variety (2-3 setups) to make you feel like you have different options to hang in your home for years to come.

Newborn Mini Session Poses – What *IS* Included

You can expect to see:

  • 2-3 different set-ups, each with its own wrap to differentiate the look
  • different props or baskets safely positioning your precious new one
  • fully swaddled poses to keep baby feeling soothed and content

Examples of Newborn Mini Session Poses

Often during a phone consult for a posed newborn mini session, parents describe a specific pose that they have in mind. Frequently it’s a pose that is reserved for the full session because of the time it takes and the fact that the diaper has to come off to do it well – BUT – that doesn’t mean we can’t do a variation of your favorite pose that fits into the criteria of an LVP newborn mini session.

To make it easier, here is a gallery of the different newborn mini session poses I’ve done for recent babies. This compilation may make it easier for parents to pick and choose exactly what they’d like to see in their baby’s session. Just because it’s short and sweet doesn’t mean you can’t get exactly what you want!!

Bucket Shot
newborn bucket shot with flowers
The “Hammock”
Heart Bowl
Head on Pillow with Variations
Wooden Trough Bowl
newborn mini session option 1
Wooden Basket
White Wire Basket
The “Butterfly”

I named this one myself…in case you are looking around to other photographers and ask them if they shoot the Butterfly…they won’t know what you’re talking about 😉 I just think this one looks like a butterfly’s wings so it gained the name.

Optional Add-Ons, Time Permitting

Occasionally, we will finish with the newborn mini session poses early with a little bit of time to spare. If that’s the case – and I’m one who never likes to short a customer on time – I’ll add in one or two add-on shots to further capture your angel’s tiny newness.

Tiny Toes

Your baby’s feet will never be as little or as sweet as they are today. It doesn’t take much time to get some adorable feet shots and mom and dad love incorporating their own hands in the shot as well!

Parent Hands in Shot

This can be done on a more macro level (literally just hands) or a wider view (swaddled baby with parent hands). Either way is sweet and loved by parents.

parent hands in newborn photos
including parent hands in newborn photos

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