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March 1, 2022

I’ll be the first to admit –> I’m my own worst client. I’m here to talk to you today about why you should print your images…and I’m biting my lip and having trouble making eye-contact. Why? Because my phone is slow from having 4,836,754,653 photos and videos bogging it down. I never make photo books, I never cull the duplicate images from my daughter taking 77 shots of the dogs being adorable together and don’t get me started on the two-minute-long videos that show something asinine happening that we probably couldn’t even identify if a gun was held to our heads.

print your images - newborn boy on dark teal

Bottom line? I’m the actual worst. But I’m still here, showing up, to educate you on why I think YOU should print your images. Just because I’m terrible doesn’t mean you should be. (And I actually do have some up-to-date-ish prints on the wall. I do. I stare at them everyday. Pinky swear.)

print your images - newborn making faces

4 Reasons to Print Your Images

Ok, so WHY should you print your images? Soooo many reasons.

print your images

1. You can’t enjoy them

You can’t enjoy them if they’re locked away on your phone or on a thumb drive (or a hard drive or the cloud). I know we all have grand plans to display our images but wouldn’t it be great if we actually carried out the plan?? You spent all the time choosing coordinating outfits. You got your husband on board and bribed the kids and made the drive. You paid good money to spend time with a professional documenting your current season of life…and for what? To never look at the photos again? That just doesn’t make sense. Print your images…if only to finish the job.

print your images - sleepy newborn boy

2. Kids love looking at them

Your kids LOVE looking at the photos. I know mine do. Okay, I just spent all of the first paragraph talking about how I’m the worst and blah blah blah – and that’s not *actually* true. Every so often, I’ll print out a My Social Book and get all the photos I’ve posted to Facebook in one place and the day they’re delivered – and for weeks afterward – I’ll see evidence that my kids each grabbed a book and curled up with it for a time, giggling at what they did when they didn’t realize it was being documented. Print your images…and give your child their history back.

print your images - newborn collage

3. You love looking at photos

YOU love looking at the photos. Yep. Referring back to the first paragraph again, I have images from our most recent two photo sessions up on my bedroom walls. The first set is the entire family at Jonas Green Park in Annapolis – by the water, frolicking in the “waves” made by the passing boats, all dressed up and looking good. I still smile thinking back to that day. It was fun and we made it even more special by going out to dinner afterwards. The images are gorgeous and I love them.

print your images - sleepy newborn in bucket prop

The second set is a Mommy and Me session – my two girls and I took advantage of my good friend Christina’s skills *and* the beautiful cherry blossoms that were blooming. Those images are so soft and pretty and they capture such sweet moments with my daughters *sigh*. I adore waking up and seeing those prints on the wall and I’m so glad I made myself do it. Print your images…you’ll love seeing those sweet faces frozen in time.

print your images - awake baby in bed prop

4. A pro lab is superior to print your images

Give a pro lab a chance. So many people take the easy way out and use a one hour place and they live to RUE THE DAY. Okay, that may be a little dramatic. I myself used to be one of the people who gave my business to CVS or Walgreens and *shudder* – what a waste of money. Go with a pro lab and marvel at the gorgeous images your photographer created printed on quality paper with calibrated machines –> the colors you’re seeing on your prints match the colors your photographer saw when she was editing your files and, man, it’s just a thing of beauty. Print your images…and cherish them.

print your images - baby boy in heart bowl with lovey

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