Not Perfect, But Perfect Together


November 30, 2021

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Today’s blog wraps up the story of Kayla and John and the beautiful sessions we’ve created together. This story is about a couple of humans who, admittedly, are not perfect (because who is) but, man, do they seem perfect together. They’ve created such a wonderful little family and have such an awesome road ahead of them – the post is the perfect ending to the sappy beginning that I started blogging several weeks ago.

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So, are you interested in meeting the little person that this not perfect but perfect together power couple created?? I know I was dying to know who Kayla was carrying. After meeting at their outdoor maternity session and then again at Kayla’s lifestyle maternity session, I was excited to learn the identity of their sweet new babe and their little darling did not disappoint.

newborn baby rests in crib

Kayla and John had chosen to wait until the delivery to learn the gender of their unborn baby. More and more of my recent clients are choosing this route and I have *such* respect for people who can be so disciplined for so long. I *had* to know who I was carrying, I could NOT have stayed in the dark for 8-9 months 🤣

brand new baby in crib

Funny story, though, as I share my impatience – and I’m sorry, Kayla and John, for hijacking your blog post to share this aside – when my husband and I were expecting our first, we were told it was a girl. For eight months, we planned and dreamed about our daughter. I carried that baby SMALL (similar to Kayla, ironically) and the day before I delivered, I went for a routine ultrasound where it was determined that my fluid level was too low, that my uterus was a potentionally hostile environment to our babe and that we needed to induce *immediately* and get this baby born…

parents gaze at new baby in awe, not perfect but perfect together

…oh, and by the way, “we see something that we haven’t seen up to now…an…appendage…yeah. You’re having a boy…” 😳 WUT.

couple stands in doorway with new babe, not perfect but perfect together

Yup. We dreamed for months about this girl. We had girl clothes. We had a girl name. Only we weren’t having a girl. We had a boy. It was crazy and not what we expected. But it goes along with this story because the outcome was the same. It was not a perfect situation, but our family is perfect together. Just like Kayla and John’s with their new baby BOY.

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Baby Caine Thomas. A little guy who got his legacy name from his mom (her maiden name) and his dad (his middle name) – how utterly perfect. He just was, you guys. And Kayla and John *glowed* with joy and pride. Even their dog, Captain, was fascinated and so good with this teeny little babe. The guy has joined an amazing family. One that is not perfect…but, sigh, they are so perfect together.

couple snuggles newborn on master bed, not perfect but perfect together

So while I’m sad to see this part of the story come to an end, Caine’s story is just beginning. And I can hope and dream that I’ll be included in the storytelling as he grows 💙 Either way, hasn’t it been an amazing journey so far???

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